This is written by Molly Van Hemert, currently in Gonaives, Haiti with her husband, Kellee Van Hemert. Molly served in Cambodia for 6 years, but this is her first time in Haiti. She is a nurse and Kellee is a worship leader back in the states.

Tuesday March 5th.

Molly Van Hemert - With KidsThis is our second day of being completely surrounded by the cutest little bumblebees (the children at the school wear black and gold uniforms). Molly taught two health lessons in the 2nd grade. We learned about washing our hands and what to do when we have a cough and cold. The children followed along and participated wonderfully.

Taking height and weights of the children.

We brought along growth charts and folders for every student at the school. In the last 2 school days we have measured and weighed every single student. Tracking the children’s height and weight is one way of making sure they are getting proper nutrition.

We both agree on our highlight of the day…

After school let out we heard news that one of the women in the village was in a moto accident and just had her leg stitched up. We headed over there to check on her and see if she needed any more medicine or supplies. Her leg was stitched up, not wonderfully, but stitched up. I would have put 3 or 4 more sutures in it…but I’m not a doctor!

After cleaning up her leg and bandaging it up, we had the Pastor lead us in singing “How Great Thou Art” and then we all prayed for her. It was a powerful moment, being there in the hot Haiti sun, naked children munching on fruit at our feet and this lady under a blue tarp, in front of her house raising her hands in worship to God right after her leg got smashed up by a moto.

We will never forget it.