The Hydroponic Team is busy at work in Haiti! Their presence is a blessing as they help advance the sustainability levels of gardening. Excitement and challenges are amassing, but God is present through it all! 

Early morning view of Pignon

Christian, Jonathan, Brian, Joshua, and Bill have been working non-stop since they arrived last Thursday to achieve their goal of advancing the Hydroponic garden program laid out for Many Hands for Haiti. They have successfully built and installed four individual hydroponic systems outside of the Many Hands campus and are rebuilding the systems that will remain on campus.

Kely showing his traditional garden Building the hydroponic system

Claudin, the Many Hands Agronomist, along with Kely, the newly trained Many Hands Hydroponic Technician have played a big part in achieving these goals. Kely has shown such interest, understanding, and passion for this program. He will be overseeing the Many Hands Campus systems as well as two systems that have been installed in his yard.

System parts

The other two systems that are outside the campus have been placed under the care of Madame Dinrose and NeNe, both of Sylvain. Their yards will be testing ground as they invest time and effort into the hydroponic systems. Kely will work alongside these neighbors as they learn by doing.

Madame Dinrose and Claudin Working together!

Hydro washing seedlings

There are many challenges consisting of attempting to use materials that can be found locally, obtaining the water that the systems need, and learning the art. Often, the solutions found can be described as “Degaje”, a Creole word that means to make do. One of the most challenging aspects has been digging the holes that help anchor the system in place under the HEAT of the July sun.

Digging holes in the heat Digging holes is the hardest task Setting up the system Kely and his new system

The best part of the project is the interest shown in the hydroponics system and the desire to learn a new method of producing much needed food. 

Haitians show interest in the new system

Hydro teaching the future farmers! More future farmers showing interest in the system Mixing concrete Carrying concrete Working on the concrete floor Making time to play!

Throughout the week, God’s Blessing has been prayed for and has been received. We continue to ask God’s blessing in the weeks ahead as the systems are put to the test.