Janette bows her head in prayer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021.

“Do you believe in prayer?”

This story began on January 28th, 2021 – when I was waved down while on the main road close to our community. Wilgens, a moto-taxi driver, asked if it were possible to pray with his wife Janette, who was having some ongoing health problems.

I knew Jean Rubert, the MH mobility cart chaplain, was the one to accompany me for this prayer encounter because he SO believes in the power of healing through prayer. I mean, ya know, we believe it can happen, but Jean Rubert expects it!

On the left, a photo of Janette and Wilgens’ home in Pignon. On the right, Janette and Wilgens’ sitting in their house on July 15th, 2021.

We met Janette on February 3rd,  learned of her health issues, and began supporting her with prayer. At this time, several American prayer warriors were commissioned to support Janette in prayer across the ocean. Our God is SO big that an ocean is nothing by way of a barrier.

On March 26th, the MH Benevolence Committee met to discuss what Many Hands might offer to investigate her medical needs. Experiencing extreme pain, Janette began a two-week stay at the hospital in Mirebalais on April 4th. After tests, x-rays, and a biopsy, the doctor encouraged Janette on April 26th to keep a positive attitude. The next thing the doctor asked, “Ou konn priye?” translated means, “Do you believe in prayer?”

Janette rests in her home after chemo treatment.

After the hospital stay, follow-up appointments were made for May 31st and July 15th. This was the beginning of lots of waiting, requiring lots of patience, and practicing lots of prayer. 

Janette’s eventual diagnosis was breast cancer that had spread to her lungs, bones, and most likely her spinal column. After much prayer and consideration by Janette, her husband, and the assistance of Many Hands, the family set a schedule to receive Chemotherapy treatments every 21 days in Mirebalais. 

God had already begun to use Janette and her story; even through her pain, she became a balm to others. This, along with her the testimony of her unwavering faith, was making its IMPACT on many lives. 

In the U.S., we sometimes forget what real suffering looks like. We often need the reminder that our circumstances shouldn’t be an excuse not to be a witness to others. God can use YOU and ME!

“Though I walk through the valley I will not fear THOU art with me, YOU comfort me.”  

As prayer partners would periodically receive WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger updates, the requests for prayers for Janette would come back to bless the ones praying. These are some of the responses from those who continue to pray for Janette: 

“Many could never imagine the way they have to suffer on this earth… So encouraging yet so hard with physical pain… emotional pain…”  

“OH Jesus, You know the needs of Janette and her husband. Surround them during this very difficult time. We pray you will give her a miracle to be a testimony of your glory through all of this. We love you and worship you! in Jesus’ name, AMEN.”  

“Lord, please answer Janette’s pleas for a miracle in your perfect will and timing. Hold her tight. She trusts you. You are a Good God.”  

Janette and her prayer warriors pray for healing during this difficult time.

March 2022 brought Janette back to the hospital for an extended stay to drain fluid from her lungs – a LONG and painful process. 

Janette knew all along the blessing of her new friends praying for her, and in this very challenging time, she said that she knew that when she DIDN’T have the strength to pray, prayer warriors were holding her steadfastly in their prayers. 

During the one-month stay at the Mirebalais hospital, Janette had another opportunity to be a witness. A young woman named Cherline from a community called Gressier, was placed in the bed right next to Janette. She had been in an accident that left her with burns so deep that she nearly had no skin to cover the bone of her left leg and would CRY in agony non-stop. 

Cherline’s mother had confided in Janette that Cherline had a daughter that died since they had been in the hospital. However, her mother believed the news would be too hard for Cherline to take, so she did not yet know. 

Neither of the women were Christian or shared hope and belief in eternal life, so Janette became a rock for Cherline and her mother. Even in her own suffering, Janette was able to be strong for the women, encouraging them to understand the saving grace of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. 

On the map above, you can see the center near the top…That is Pignon, where Many Hands, Janette, Wilgens, Jean Rubert, etc. are from. The pin in the center area is where the Mirebalais Hospital is located. Then the pin on the lower left is Gressier, where Cherline is from.

Jannette has recently changed her chemotherapy treatment schedule and is currently receiving treatment once a week rather than every 21 days.

During this journey so far, Janette and her husband Wilgens have shown their testimony through their courage, faith, and absolute belief that there is NOTHING that GOD cannot do. 

We are still praying for a miracle of healing.

We are continuing to stay in touch with Cherline. She is now back home in Gressier but is at significant risk because she lacks the money to get to the hospital and receive proper bandaging for her burns. 

Janette continues to pray for Cherline, and we ask that others continue to pray for her situation.

I feel the main thing is to pray for people to continue coming to Cherline with the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST. So that she and her mother can come to know the confidence of eternal life with Jesus. 

Through all this, several of the ‘praying warriors’ have indicated their own family members have cancer-related health issues. I shared these challenges with Janette – know that SHE is praying for others as well.

I hope you are encouraged by this story to be strong for the Lord in whatever circumstances appear on your journey. And be reminded that Janette and each of us has a mission BIGGER than the troubles we face.

After a trip back to the US in October to visit our family, several of Janette’s US prayer partners sent back cards or a small gift to help her remember that she was being covered in prayer.

MORE from the faithful friends that have been on this journey with Janette…  

“I pray that God uses Janette and Wilgens among the people he places in their lives, that people can see HOPE and want to know why?” 

” …for Cherline, God wants to use Janette and Wilgens THERE. Janette’s HOPE, despite her circumstances, is the kind of hope people like Cherline desperately need.” 

“Lean on the Lord and He will continue to renew her strength.”  

“God is working and will bring Beauty from the ashes!”  

“Janette’s perseverance is remarkable… and now God has placed another patient near her who she can be a witness to.”  

“though I walk through the valley I will not fear THOU art with me, YOU comfort me.”  

“God’s plan is unfolding according to HIS timing. He alone is sovereign. He is GOD.”  

“I will continue to pray for peace in Janette’s heart and a miracle cure in the mighty name of Jesus.”  

“I am blown away by their faith and gratitude. What a different world we would live in if everyone had just a small piece of that. What a true inspiration she is.”  

“That hurts my heart so much about the little girl and her mother not knowing. How can things be so bad? I think Janette has a bigger mission than her cancer. God is using her and her faith in a much bigger way than can ever be imagined.”   

“Isn’t it amazing how someone so sick can be used by God to do great things when we are the ones that should be doing things for her and her family?”   

“Holy Smoke, That would try even the most patient person but I’m sure you found a lesson in it. She has a strong soul and spirit and I am sure God is using her illness in ways she can’t even imagine.”

Prayer time with Janette on Easter Sunday, April, 2022.

April 2nd, 2022. This is Nounou, the friend that is staying at the hospital with Janette and Janette’s husband Wilgens on the right.