The Lutheran Church of Hope team experiences the first days of sensory overload in Haiti, as they look to God for strength in the days to come.

Hello from Haiti!
We’ve had a very long day, it’s only 9:30 pm and the whole team is tucked into bed (with nets)!

We had an excellent day – travel was safe and mostly on time. Flying into Port au Prince is always an adventure but we had no issues in customs, quickly met up with our driver, made a quick stop at the Stop and Go (American style grocery store near the airport) for diet cokes and Doritos and then started our journey to Sylvain.

We were close to our campus when we came upon a group protesting some land rights. They were not only burning a tire in the middle of the road but they were also cutting a trench into the road so no one could pass. It was an interesting way to protest. We had to improvise the final leg of our journey (and the MH4H staff was quick and efficient in finding a solution) and we finally made it to the campus. Reuniting with the MH4H staff was fantastic and we loved introducing them to our first time team members.

Most of the team made a trip into the market in Pignon, which is always a bit of sensory overload. After the market we had a great dinner, got unpacked, had a great devo time and celebrated sweet Mollie’s birthday with cake and candles.

Market Day

Ladies preparing food at the market

All in all, God once again showed up in all the little details of our day and we know your prayers had a lot to do with that. Thank you so much for lifting up our team. We ask you to pray for God to reveal to each of us how we can bring healing to this speck of the universe that he has brought us to this week (the theme of our devotion tonight).

Bondye beni ou!

Blessings, Wendy Liske


Day 2

Today was officially our first full day in Haiti. While many of you were enjoying daylight savings time, we had to figure out at church whether or not they decided to acknowledge it this year. They did, so for next week, the pastor reminded the people to come to church at the respective time.

The church service we attended was all in Creole. Many of us were nervous to be at a two and a half hour church service in which we didn’t speak the language. However, even though we couldn’t understand what was being said, words can’t even begin to describe the experience. There was such a strong presence of the Lord. Some team members even commented, “God is looking down right now and smiling,” and “This was a little glimpse of heaven”.

Following the church service, we went to a restaurant in Pignon for a traditional Haitian meal (rice and beans, chicken wing, coleslaw, beat salad, and noodles). As we went to sit down at this long table, much to our surprise, we found 3 chickens running around underneath it. There were a few screams and some ‘shooing’. They eventually left so we were able to enjoy our meal ankle bite free.

A delicious meal

After lunch, the team split into two groups to do home visits. The families we went to visit were chosen by local church leaders based on need. These visits included talking with the families, bringing them basic food necessities (rice, beans, spaghetti noodles, oil, bouillon cubes), and praying for them. Once we got to know them, we were sure to ask “Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” All the families we spoke with said yes. Then we asked them what we could pray about for them and created a prayer circle. It was a beautiful moment of love, togetherness, caring, and the Holy Spirit.

We saw all different types of families; single families, children staying with relatives while parents are working in other countries, families with physical and mental impairments, etc. but these families were similar in their strength, hope, and love for Jesus Christ.

After the home visits, everyone met back at the MH4H campus. Once we arrived, most of the group went for a walk while those of us who got left behind are currently writing this post! Those who were forgotten also prepared the garlic bread for a nice spaghetti dinner. However, we heard that the walk around town was fun and they were able to play with the local children.

We know your prayers had a lot to do with God continuing to reveal himself to us in many different ways. Thank you so much for lifting up our team. We ask you to pray for God to give strength to the weary and increase power of the weak, and that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength (theme of our devotion tonight).

Bondye beni ou! (God Bless You)

Claire, Sarah, Mollie