When encountering a place you have never experienced before, you are confronted with different methods of doing things. These cultural differences can be scary but a lot of times they are fun! Nick and Tucker from Lutheran Church of Hope want to teach about the various things you may come across the next time you visit Haiti. 


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We had a great day today! We woke up at 5am and headed to the mountain for a two hour hike to the top. After that we came back to the Many Hands campus to eat breakfast, it was good and we are all so thankful for the wonderful ladies who cooked for us this week. 

Next we headed to paint a house that was built a few months ago by Many Hands, this was the highlight of my day. The family was great and very thankful, which is a repeated characteristic of the Haitian people. 

To finish the day we delivered food to a few families in need and prayed blessings over them. When we arrived back at our “home” we watched a great game of soccer in the open area of grass next to the Many Hands preschool. The game was played between the neighborhood kids and a few soccer fans from our team.

 Below is a short multiple choice test to give some insight on the joys of Haiti (and possibly surprise you or even make you want to visit!).

What can you see on a motorcylce in Haiti ?

A a (very alive) huge pig squeeling down the road

B up to 7 people dressed in their fancy clothes on the way to church 

C a 4×8 sheet of plywood 

D a 55 gal drum

E all of the above 

ANSWER: E all of the above

Which color is “go” for traffic lights?

A Green

B Red

C Yellow

D There are no traffic lights

E Blue

ANSWER: D There are no traffic lights

What do the children scream at the top of their lungs in the sweetest little high pitched voice when they notice you piled in the back of a taptap (truck with seats in the back and on top of the cab that you “tap” on the side when you’re all in and ready to go)?

A Les Americains!!

B Blanc!!

C Give me one dollar!!

D None of the above

E Both B and C are correct

ANSWER: E Both B and C are correct

How do you greet people in the morning?

A Bonjou

B Bonswa

C Ca Va?

D Good Morning!

E None of the above

ANSWER: A Bonjou 

What is the most common speed limit?

A 15 mph

B 25 mph

C As fast as the broken up, sometimes flooded, pothole filled, uneven gravel roads will allow

D 45 mph

E 35 mph

ANSWER: C As fast as the broken up, sometimes flooded, pothole filled, uneven gravel roads will allow.

The people of Haiti will greet you with a warm smiles and a big hearts. This trip has been amazing! Thank you for your prayers.

Nick and Tucker Kiley