Many times people will enter a new environment with preset expectations. Sometimes God has other plans. Read how God has provided guidance and protection to the Lutheran Church of Hope team these last few days.

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Greetings from Haiti,

Although we have only been in Haiti a short time, so much has happened. Yesterday was our first full day in Pignon. We started our day with prayer and devotions on the porch at sunrise. Next, we went to church, which is an experience I will will cherish forever. The church had a tin roof, dirt floor, no walls, primitive furniture, and a homemade instrument, resembling an oversized kazoo. The worship and message was so powerful I was overwhelmed to tears most of the service. This is the only time I’ve seen a dog wander into church, lay down for a bit, then chew on our leader’s pant leg; all playful. The church members were so welcoming and so joyful. If I had to sum up the church experience, the one word I would say is ‘humbling’. After church we went to lunch at an authentic Haitian restaurant. We then spent our afternoon sharing the love of Jesus Christ at an orphanage. What a blessing to spend our afternoon playing with such beautiful children. On our return we stopped at a suspension bridge. My fear of heights (and sound judgement.) kept Michelle and me from crossing. We returned back to MH4H to another great meal. Our evening was spent with worship and games.

Oh, did I forget to mention I had another life changing event yesterday?  While walking I was clipped by a motorcycle. It is because of God’s protection and a miracle that I am ok. No broken bones or major injuries, just a little sore and some scrapes and bruises. I do ask for your prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

God is on the move down here, and as we make a difference, the evil one is trying to stop us, but our God is mightier than him!

All of us thank you for your continued prayers. Please pray for our safety, health (a few team members had some colds coming in to the trip that they are still recovering from), the MH4H staff, and a successful mission. Thank you for your continued prayers.  Keep them coming!!!

In Him,
Tamara Doom


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