Looking into a person’s eyes is a way to connect with his heart and emotions. It’s a simple gesture which says, “I’m here and I care.” From visiting struggling families to playing with kids, the Lutheran Church of Hope team has been making their presence known, one simple gesture at a time.

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Bonjou from Pignon, Haiti;

Today was no exception of adventure and experiencing the love of Christ. Our morning started with a hardy Haitian breakfast, sending us on our way to deliver meal bundles (each with roughly two weeks’ worth of food) to ten households. After learning more about each family, we prayed over each home. We encourage continual prayer for the persecution these families face for their devotion to our Savior. After a slight transportation hiccup that included eight of the church’s strongest giving the truck a running start, we were able to reach the Many Hands house safely for lunch.

We then got the opportunity to visit two orphanages, sharing Christ’s love and laughter with as many children as we could. At the first orphanage, we interacted with ten young boys through some friendly competition. At the second orphanage, we explored a campus of 41 orphans with ages ranging from 4-24, interacting through various games. The orphanage also offers a feeding program for malnourished, motherless infants; a program that is highly needed and appreciated in the community. Overall, our Tuesday was tiring in the best of ways.

In the evening, we had a heartfelt devotional session. We read through Deuteronomy 31:6 and 1 Peter 5:5-11. We felt convicted to share the sentiment that this life is not going to be easy, and we must stand firm in our identities to Christ. Serving Him and His people should be our priority, loving one another with full hearts.

We anxiously wait for our next day together serving the wonderful people in this country.

With loving regards,

Your adopted sisters for the week – Bethany and Abbey