Danielle Hannan, from Lutheran Church of Hope, shares her understanding of Haitian life so far, and experiences an interesting problem…

Hello! This is Danielle writing!

What a day! I got to experience life as a Haitian in many ways. Firstly I got sick while we were out at a work site. We were pouring concrete in three different houses, and it just so happened that I was at the third site, when I thought I had gotten cramps. I was praying that it was not a stomach issue because I had no idea where I would be going to the bathroom. Sylvain was a twenty minute, extremely bumpy ride on either a Tap-Tap or Craig’s motorcycle.

As you can probably guess I did have a stomach issue, so I went up to Christi and said I need to find a toilet. Luckily the Haitian lady that Christi went up to had a toilet (if that’s what you’d call it) near by. It was literally a circular cement slab risen off the ground with a square hole. And it was outside covered by a tarp that really wasn’t coverage at all. I cannot believe that that is where they have to go. There was no toilet paper, so what do they use? I had to use a concrete bag paper ripped off but I’m assuming Haitians may use nothing or maybe they use leaves…

Needless to say, I did go back to the dorm early with Craig on his motorcycle. That was such a long ride. I still didn’t feel the greatest and that bumpy ride didn’t help. I was still trying to take in my morning. Not only had I had to experience where some Haitians go to the bathroom, ┬ábut I also witnessed cement floors being put into houses, where before the family was just sleeping on the dirt. It also struck me that I could put all of their belongings into my closet at home. These people have so little, yet they can be so very joyous and loving.

Maykel’s house getting a concrete floor

Gift to kids that live in the house getting a concrete floor

Gift to kids that live in the house getting a concrete floor

A little boy came up and tugged on my skirt, so many children want to grab our hands, they just want a little love. I’m so grateful I can be here to share God’s glorious love. He is amazing!

More new friends Cute! Kids use a shredded basketball to play soccer

After I got feeling better, we went to see a market and then a deaf school. While we would ride to our destinations, I got the chance to talk to a boy named Kenzy who was 20 just like me. We were talking about life in general and the things he goes through daily. It really put things into perspective. My life is so different from his. He needs to go to school to be able to help his country. He needs to do his best for his family. He has to go off to college or he will be doing the same things his family does, which is work what ever job available to support the family.

I also talked to another boy Fransley, who was also 20, and he had a similar story. I’m glad that God gave me the opportunity to be humbled and somewhat understand what it means to be a 20 year old in a third world country. I hope that those boys are able to live their dreams and serve their country. God will provide and he has this country in his hands. Even though they don’t have the life I have, they have more in God. The faith here is amazing!

Visiting the kids at the school for the deaf

P.S. Mom I’m perfectly fine! Wendy wanted me to let you know. God’s got me, see you soon! Love you.