“Making God Real in a Broken World.”  – MH4H Mission Statement

As I reflect on 2012 and we begin on 2013, I ask myself, “Did we actively live our mission this year?” Many times, the enormity of the situation in Haiti can be daunting. The statistics about the country are not good. Many think it is a lost cause. But, then images start to pop into my head of work we’ve done over the past year:

●     A little girl named Juveline and a little boy (the son of Roberto) now have P.E.T.S (hand-powered wheelchairs) and attend school on their own. This was paid for and delivered through MH4H. God is real to those families now.
●     An elderly lady named Reymonde, who is taking care of her 9 grandchildren, had no shelter. We built a small 10 foot x10 foot home, with a roof. Her hugs, kisses, and praising God for her new home are evidence that God is real to her.
●     One of our leaders, Zeke, was able to come to the US this year and see the communities of so many of the Americans he has been serving with in Haiti for years. This is a dream for not only him, but his family, as his mother says to him, “Now I can die, as my dream of you seeing the US has come true.” God is real to that family.
●     The little girl in the hospital bed, who now has a big bowl of rice, beans, and some meat. If this would have been two years ago, she would have no food. She has a much better shot at survival with the right nutrients entering her body. God is real to her.
●     Three little children, DjeDjelove, Rochena, and Luderson, whose home is one of the poorest I have ever seen in Haiti, now attend school, church, and are fed every day they come. These kids were starving with no chance for education a year ago. I see the face of God in each one of those kids. He is real to them… and me.
●     Story after story of people who have gone to Haiti with us are now different people. They look at the world through God’s eyes and have the capacity to love others around them. God now has skin and is working through them.

I am so thankful God entrusted us with the work that was done in 2012. I am amazed that His plan called for us to make Him real for so many people this year. And I know He is not done with us yet. God’s dreams are big and His plans are bold. We stand ready to act at His promptings in 2013. We already know He wants us to plant another church, add more rooms to a school, expand feeding programs, build economic opportunities in country, help meet basic needs of families, and make God real to so many in the US who have lost sight of God’s love and plan for our lives.

We thank everyone who shared time, treasure, and talents with us in 2012.  We pray you continue to partner with us in 2013, giving us the opportunity to serve more people, breathe dreams into more situations, and make God real to all we encounter.

With Gratitude,

Tim Brand
Executive Leader, Many Hands for Haiti