Follow the Liberty E Free team as they go on an adventure of a lifetime! Together this family has learned about the people of Haiti as they are today. And now, they have begun to learn about the roots of this great nation.

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So sorry to hear of the bitter, bitter cold in the northern states this week.  We have been praying for safety for all back home.  While the conditions in Haiti are not desirable, the weather certainly is.

On this beautiful day in Haiti, our team got to visit the Citadel! This is an old fortress/castle built in the early 1800’s to fight the French if they came back after Haiti declared its independence.  It’s an archeological wonder, built on the top of a mountain for defensive purposes.  The trip is part of the experience- 35 miles but almost 3 hours over bumpy and dusty roads.  We had breakfast about half way on the side of the road. Always a favorite to have roadside coffee, bananas,  fresh bread, hard boiled eggs, and warm peanuts in the morning. When we arrived near the Citadel, we all got on the backs of motorcycles and rode the rest of the way up to where the trail started. It was a steep ride but the views were amazing and we all had smiles on our faces the whole ride up! 

When we arrived, we dismounted and started the hike. We started to get to the top when Christy said we could take a short cut. So our whole team decided to do it. It was just like we were back on Mt. Pignon! Climbing over rocks and steep hills. Let’s just say it was the more fun way! We got to the top and were just amazed with the views. The mountains did not even look real but more like a painting.  It was still and peaceful.  Our tour guide really knew his history about the Citadel. He answered a lot of our questions and explained the history behind this massive fortress.  We learned so much in a little bit of time and then around noon we had a picnic with a beautiful view.  After such a long morning, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sounded pretty good. We made a few extra sandwiches to hand out to some Haitians who were along with us. Pastor Dane got his power nap in before we resumed our tour.  

Once we were done, we walked back down, where our motorcycles were ready for us! We headed down the mountain. On the way down, a man was selling coconut water fresh from the coconut. So he would chop off the top of the coconut and make a perfect hole to drink out of. Everyone shared and some loved it but others did not. (The picture of Gabe’s face is amazing in one of the pictures.)  After you would drink the coconut water, the man would chop your coconut in half and give you a small piece of the shell to use as a spoon. Then we got to scrape off the coconut and eat it.  

When we reached the bottom we toured the ruins of a castle, were offered every known souvenir about Haiti, and hopped back in the truck and headed home.  The sun was hot, the roads, dusty, but we were able to see families outside together for the evening and children playing.  It was a day filled with learning about Haitian culture, seeing the beautiful countryside, and experiencing it together.

Not everyone was feeling well tonight so we had a hearty supper and headed to bed early.  Tomorrow we will deliver PET carts in some neighboring towns- something we are all looking forward to.

Blessings and prayers for everyone!  

The Liberty E-Free team


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