by Nathanael Shoemaker

Our day started at 4:15 AM when we rushed to the Miami airport.  Our plane took off around 7:00, and our flight landed at 9 AM in Port-au-Prince.  The scenery looked like it was from a movie.

When we got off the plane, we were greeted with a Haitian mariachi band.  We then went to get our passports stamped and went through customs.  Our ride was a 15 passenger van; we stacked ten bags on top and the rest in the back.  When we were finally all in the van, we were tightly packed. Everyone was surprised at how orderly and crazy Haitian driving was. People were everywhere and anywhere we went.

We had a three hour drive of starting and stopping, speeding up and slowing down.  This was by far the hardest part of getting to our campus.  We got unpacked, and then we went a tour of the village.  We viewed some typical Haitian homes which had recently gotten new cement floors.  We learned how to say hello in Creole.  Soon the children were giving us high fives and following us around the village.  We learned that they love to see their pictures instantly after we take them.

Everyone is so friendly and nice.  Everyone was watching us when we came by.  We told all the kids that Friday was a movie night.  They told each other, and the news spread like wild fire. When we finally got back to our campus, we had rice and chicken legs before showering.  With lots of thoughts on our minds, we finally went to bed while anxiously waiting for new adventures tomorrow!