This blog is written by Lucia Van Maanen. Lucia is serving with MH4H over the next two weeks in Pignon. This is her 5th time to Haiti serving with MH4H.

Tim & Lucia Van Maanen with Fransley on the motorcycle in Haiti.

“Life is not fair.” I make this statement to God a lot in Haiti. As we walk around town, we see the people of Pignon doing things that I would change instantly. But as I watch, I soon find the way they are doing it is much faster and better than I ever could. So I let them do it. I up lift them, encourage them, support them, learn from them, and love them.

No one knows the phrase “life’s not fair” better than Haiti. So… I ask God a lot, “Where do they get their joy? Where do they get their strength? Where do they get their resourcefulness?” God has been speaking clearly to me as our adventure that we call life continues here in Pignon. God says, “Someday I will right all wrongs. I will give a double portion of love, joy, and righteousness to those how love Me. I have already clothed you in righteousness, mercy, love, and peace with My blood. Now go and do the same. Forgive quickly. Love mercy. Live righteously. Spread My peace among the nations. Act justly and do not provoke anger. Live as I lived: servant-hearted, humble yet strong, peaceful yet truthful, lovingly yet faithful, kind yet courageous, joyful yet compassionate. When someone wrongs you… see how fast you can forgive them. Humble yourself in the midst of strife and turmoil and watch how attitudes and hearts change. Why do you expect to be treated fair in this life?? I bought your holiness with My own blood!! That surely was not fair!! It was a pure gift I did for you because I love you without conditions! So… now you can rejoice when you run into problems and trials because they help you develop endurance, endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens your confident hope of salvation.” (Romans 5)

As we continue our various “jobs” in Pignon, we will “keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.” In the midst of buying land, getting water to the spring, tearing down a house to build a new one, repairing some P.E.T.s, securing the Iowa house and Depot, we are loving life and loving others. Keep praying for us and for Haiti. We can see God at work everywhere.

Being love on Earth as it is in heaven.