by Lindsey Klyn, Marketing Manager for MH4H 

On October 4, 2013, just two months and two days after opening, Many Hands Market donated $1,000 to Spencer’s Feed Our Children. The secondhand store opened in Spencer on August 2 with the goal of providing high quality, low-priced goods, while creating a high-impact funding source for local and global missions through Many Hands for Haiti. The plan is working.

13-10 MHM DonationFrom left to right: MHM Store Co-Manager Karmen Brown, Pastor Al Dean, Pastor Barb Dean, and MHM Store Co-Manager Christi Gabhart

Store Manager Christi Gabhart says, “The opportunity for Many Hands Market to be able to offer support to a local ministry after just a short time of being in operation is wonderfully exciting. The response from the community with donated items, customers thrilled with the shopping experience, and volunteers that make it all come together is what has made this financial donation to a local ministry possible.”

Feed Our Children formed in October 2010 and benefits local school-aged children by providing meals and snacks to go home backpacks. With this donation from Many Hands Market, Feed Our Children estimates 174 backpacks will be filled for hungry children in the Spencer community.

Pastors Al and Barb Dean from Living Word Outreach Ministries head up the fundraising efforts for Feed Our Children. Pastor Al stated,“This is a tremendous blessing to the program. The people in our community have a heart for kids and in turn have been very supportive of this outreach.” Pastor Barb added, “We want to express our gratitude to Many Hands Market for thinking of Feed Our Children.”

One little boy in the Feed Our Children program hugs his bag each week when he gets it. When asked what his favorite food was, he replied, “All of it!” Many Hands Market gets to help kids like this boy in the U.S. and in Haiti. In addition to this donation, revenue from Many Hands Market is used to support youth and economic development, clean water initiatives, food and medical provisions, and other programs in Haiti through the ministry of Many Hands for Haiti.

Many Hands Market is in the process of assembling an advisory team that will meet together to pray and discuss future opportunities for giving support to local missions. The Market hopes to make a donation every month to support causes in the area. People can help continue making stories like this happen by donating items, shopping, or volunteering at Many Hands Market.