Ladies from the Weeks family give an update on the Market Rewards Team. The day was filled with adventure while hiking, visiting the market, and finally loving children in the orphanage. The team is ready to serve God and others!

The Hike: by Emily Weeks 
Our morning began (for some of us) at 5:30am with a hike up the mountain. I can’t say mornings are my favorite thing, especially when morning begins that early, but a hike is always worth it. When we left, there are few people heading to the market to set up their things so it was quiet and kind of peaceful. Then our hike began; luckily we had some rockin’ tunes to keep us motivated on the way up. It was neat to see how the scenery changed and the mountains created shadows over the city below at each stop. Eventually we got to the top and had the chance to catch our breath, just sit, and take in the scenery.

Hiking the mountain!

While I sit writing this, I think back to the moment on the mountaintop. Looking out at the view was reminded that beautiful scenes such as this, how the sun shines down on Pignon with the mountains casting shadows, the sun gradually rising and the sky changing colors, or flowers along the side of the path, God created all of that and it was good. This time reminds me of a past experience that really struck me. While sitting at the top of a volcano in Guatemala and while sitting here in Pignon writing about this hike, I think about God calling those absolutely beautiful things good, but when he created us, he said that we were VERY good. God thinks that we are so much more than a sun rise, sun set, or the view looking down on a city far below from the top of a mountain. That is something that I hope to remember the rest of this week as we continue to serve the people of Haiti. I want to see people how God sees them, as more than just good. I hope to see each and every person as VERY good. 

The Market: by Kim Weeks 
After returning from our mountain hike, Craig had some delicious pancakes ready for breakfast, and then we headed into Pignon to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the Saturday market. Christi led our team through the busy, crowded market; for those of us making a first time visit, it was an eye-opening experience! As we walked single-file through the vendors, the skills and resourcefulness of the Haitian people was so evident – from beautiful, hand woven baskets and donkey saddles to handmade tools and carved wooden furniture to bungee cords made from old motorcycle inner tubes. But despite being skilled, hardworking people, physical and spiritual needs here are so great because it’s difficult for families to provide each day. However, we serve a God who is able to provide all that we need, and that is the message that we are here to share. 
The Orphanage: by Abby Weeks 
Later, we went to an orphanage of one of the local churches. We brought toys, jump ropes, some snacks, juice, and a unicycle. The kids’ faces lit up when we arrived. At first, everyone was mesmerized by the unicycle, even though no one knew how to ride it. Later the favorite toy was a helicopter spinner. Those things were flying everywhere. We all played “catch” with the helicopters with the kids.

Playing with the children Children playing with small toys

Then we swung the jump rope while they jumped and helped them ride the unicycle-which was a challenge by the way. Two of us stood on either side of the child and attempted to hold the child up while they pedaled. No one was hurt in the process, but no one made it very far before falling off either. The entire ride was filled with smiles and laughter.

Riding the unicycle

For those kids who weren’t daredevils and didn’t want to try the unicycle, there were the helicopters and jump ropes. Aside from playing with toys, some kids just liked being held or playing hand games.

Holding the children

Love is contagious here! Children displaying their new bracelets

After playing for an hour or two, we gathered all the kids and handed out snacks, juice, and bracelets made by a lady from Iowa. All the kids sat quietly and waited their turn. While they ate, we picked up the jump ropes and unicycle. We waved and said goodbye, then loaded onto the tap taps. It was a full day with the hike, the market, and then loving on the kids at the orphanage. God is definitely at work in the lives of those who live here in Haiti and in the lives of our team. We can’t wait to see what else God has in store for the rest of the week!