Market Rewards Team experiences God’s constant love and devotion while helping with VBS and delivering goats!

Like delicious meals, hot and humid days, and bumpy taptap rides, the Lord’s love is constant here. What a privilege it is that the Lord is using us to share his love!

Making friends with the children

This morning was our second and final day of VBS on the campus. While we started VBS very late yesterday (at least by American standards), the kids were very early today. Like bringing a ticket to a game, the children came with their Frisbees from yesterday to prove that they belong here. Besides singing, games, and crafts, the eager kids learned about the salvation story and memorized John 11:25 in Creole.

Posing in her VBS shirt The salvation story VBS activities Playing together

Craft time Praising and Learning about God during VBS

By the end of the morning, over half came to the front to accept Christ. Our whole team prayed with the children alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters. As they left, they each received a new Bible. We pray that their love for the Lord continues to grow. We also pray that the Lord’s love is evident in their lives.

Prayer has also been a continual part of our time here; we pray with families on every home visit. Our goat deliveries this afternoon provided another opportunity to bless others and pray with them.

Delivering goats in a parade!

In Haiti, food delivery is by taptap, but goat delivery is by parade and motorcycle. Today, six Thrive for 5 families received the gift of a pregnant goat in hopes that the goat would provide economic opportunities for years to come.

Even the goats ride motorcycles here

After learning about the program and naming the goats, our team left the compound to deliver them. As soon as we passed through the gates, our number doubled as neighborhood children joined us. Any free hand was quickly taken by another young, sweet (and sweaty!) hand. Christi and her motorcycle led the pack of goats, volunteers, and neighborhood children. To make the journey easier for the goats (and very memorable for us), each goat had a turn riding the motorcycle on the lap of a volunteer.

Ready for delivery Accepting the goat as a gift! Smiling with Allie

You never know what a day will bring (I surely did not expect to be part of a goat parade)! God knows, and his love is the same through it all! The kids share this truth when they sing the song, Jezi renmen ou. Jesus loves you.

-Megan Rustad