The Market Rewards Team has spent their last full day experiencing God and His creation while delivering PET cars and traveling to a waterfall.

Our last full day here in Haiti had many amazing views.

Traveling by taptap Birds eye view of the taptap ride

After waking up early, our group began traveling to the Bassin Zim Waterfall, stopping in Hinch to assemble and distribute PET carts. A PET cart is an alternative to a wheelchair or crutches for those who have limited use in their legs; each one is assembled and driven by hand. In total, our group distributed carts to 6 recipients.  

Performing a PET assessment Riding her new PET! PET blessing people’s lives Ready to ride! Hitting the road

After about 2 hours, we continued journeying to the waterfall.

Bassin Zim waterfall!

Enjoying the water!

While traveling, we were surrounded by multiple mountains, and we arrived in what seemed no time at all. Then, we gathered to eat lunch before proceeding to climb up steps to the small cave first.

Posing in front of the small cave

Observing its features, we continued to walk to its top and spent time watching the Haitian kids jump into the water.

The view was amazing so our group took many pictures standing at the edge of the cool water while returning to the bottom.

Haitians jumping into the water!  Gorgeous view from the falls!

 The drive home took 3 hours of traveling on bumpy roads in the taptap. Everyone bonded by playing games and doing devotions. Although this time was amazing, I personally did not feel the best part of the day were the activities or the waterfall. From sunrise to sunset, the real wonder was God’s creation and his spirit in everything.  

-Christina Mueggenberg