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This morning, we dedicated a classroom in the new primary school, in memory of Herman and LaVonne Winterboer. The students that will be in that classroom next fall sang songs and recited memorized prose about school. Cedric and Clayton mounted a plaque on the wall, then we sang one of LaVonne’s favorites, Jesus Loves Me. It was very inspiring to be a part of the growth at the School of Light.

The trucks were loaded with 5 PET carts (Personal Energy Transport), and we were back on the road! The carts are designed to give mobility to those who can’t walk, but can use their arms and hands. Pre-screening is done to ensure that the recipient is a good candidate to receive the cart. We traveled for over 2 hours, over brand new roads, over some not-so-new roads, and actually crossed through 5 rivers! The sun was working hard today, too, so we looked for shade whenever possible. At each stop, carts were quickly assembled and some basic “drivers ed” instruction was given. The recipients are read an agreement, stating they will take care of their cart, and maintenance and repair are made available as necessary. After the agreement was signed, we sang a song in Creole, and prayed for the recipient and their family. One lady was getting the “keys” to her first “set of wheels” at age 79! Another lady took off down the street, and her mother was so thrilled! One place we couldn’t get to in the trucks, because the rains had washed out the road, and the yards near the house was a swamp! The young woman crawled across those swampy yards, on her badly crippled hands and knees, to get to her new cart. It was the single most humbling moment of the week for me. I was hot, and my backside was bruised from the rough ride, and I was feeling a little sorry for myself. Until I saw her running, in the only way she could, to a wooden tricycle with pedals on the handlebar. Her disabilities were birth defects, and that cart would allow her some independence, and mobility. And I was whining about being too hot. The shame washed over me with such weight, I had to bow my head and ask for forgiveness.


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