A small group decided to make the steep climb up to the summit of Mt. Pignon early yesterday. Here is a quick glimpse of their morning.

The Lord is a marvelous mystery.  We hiked up Mount Pignon early this morning.  The trail head started in one of Pignon’s garbage dumps.  It quickly transitioned into a “farm” planted with mostly corn.  The hike was steep as we quickly gained elevation and were rewarded with a great view of the plateau and surrounding mountains.  To my surprise there were farm plots scattered along the mountain side.  As we neared the summit the trail climbed through a steep and rocky farm plot where there was a very elderly man (68 years old) working his field.  This man, seemingly pushed to the edge of marginal farm land, was doing what he had to to survive. 

Gary Vos

At the top of Mt. Pignon

At the base of Mt. Pignon