Written by Jora Vander Hart & Emily Van Hal of the Calvary Youth Trip from Pella, IA. They are currently serving in Pignon.

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Jora Vander Hart

Day two in Haiti! I have to admit I personally enjoyed today more than yesterday, simply because I was able to adjust to this polar opposite culture. I love Haiti. The people here just seem so joyful all the time! Anyway, today was a busy day. We started off the morning by taking a walk to the river. Families were bathing themselves, vehicles and clothing. We didn’t stay long, because then we were off to the market!

The Meat Market.

Ohhhhh the market! We were told it would remind us of Tulip Time (lets just say they were a bit different). Vendors filled the streets selling a wide variety of items. I’m pretty sure they were more concerned with staring at all the “blancs” (white people) than selling their goods. Even though the market was a bit crowded, it was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything, simply because it shows how blessed we are with our shopping and produce. After lunch we took a truck ride to the new Many Hands for Haiti compound for vacation Bible school, which was full of laughs, smiles, conversation (limited but that still counts!), parachuting, nail painting and singing. Earlier tonight was the movie we played on the wall in the street. I spent the movie holding Crazy Jimmy. Jimmy was all over the place, laughing and poking and literally bouncing off the walls! But he just snuggled right next to me, and honestly melted my heart. How could he be so open to some one who he doesn’t know? I don’t know how they all are so trusting but it makes loving them easy. I could write sooooo much more but its late and I’d like energy for tomorrow!

Emily Van Hal

Well, it is confirmed that Haitian mosquitoes love Iowa blood. I have at least 30 bites on one leg alone and I resemble my third grade chicken-pox self. Despite the bites and huge tarantulas, I could not be happier. I don’t think I could describe today’s experiences adequately but I can confidently tell you today was joyful. We witnessed joy on children’s faces when handed out crafts bags. We heard laughter when we tried to speak Creole and obviously failed. We felt joy when we lifted the parachute and the children shrieked and ran underneath. I love this group of high schoolers; I could watch them interact with the Haitians all day. They are so willing to help unload a pick-up or pray for the group. Throughout the heat and delays, I haven’t heard any complaints or grumblings. They are more than willing to wait in the middle of the chaotic market while I try and snag some chairs for my classroom. They are troopers, joyful troopers. I am so grateful for this experience and thank you for all your support and prayers; I am now going to have a scratch-fest!