The Memorial Lutheran team saw the greatness of Haiti from a bird’s eye view only to be immersed in new surroundings as the plane touched down. Keep reading to see the team’s reaction to the country that is Haiti.

From the moment we entered Haiti it was evident that it was a nation of over- flowing beauty. Flying on a DC-3 1943 airplane through the mountains was a special experience that you could not get somewhere else. We are very thankful for our flight crew, Ray, Phil and Cindy, for donating their time and resources to help us on our journey with Missionary Flights International.

Haiti’s landscape is a beautiful mix of valleys and mountains, all of which are covered in green. When flying to Pignon, one gets a stunning welcome into the country as you literally fly through the mountains, even with the highest peaks. 

Besides the natural beauty, there is the beauty of the people. When going anywhere in Haiti, you see people who simply do not have very much; yet they are so kind and hospitable to us, even though we are visitors. Everywhere you go, you are probably going to hear the laughing and squeals of children enjoying their lives with what they have. On all of our outings, we have seen people and children just happy that we are here, especially as kids jump up and down and wave as we pass by. We are amazed by how well the Haitians get by with the little they have. “A Haitian family can do anything with a machete, rope and a 5 gallon bucket,” says Christi.

We also want to recognize the talent in the MH4H kitchen. Beatrice and Evenie arrive at about 5:30 in the morning and don’t leave till after 7:00 in the evening. Everything they prepare for us has its own incredible flavor. Possibly the best part of this different diet is the amount of fresh produce as avocados, plantains, cabbage, okra, and mango juice are readily available at every meal. What we are eating here is way healthier and tastier than what we all eat fresh in the United States.

While Haitians do not have much, we have a lot to learn from them about how to live a happy life. We appreciate their readiness to share what little they have, and to welcome us into their country and homes.


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