Austin Kloewer describes the love and happiness he is seeing in the Haitian people, as the Meredith Drive team spend time serving at the  Kid’s Club Pignon in Haiti.

What does it look like when you add three parachutes to a myriad of children? A colorful image of God’s love: hands were joined and cultures forgotten. All was good as snacks and water bags were consumed; however, once the water bags turned into a water balloon fight, all was great. Wonderful chaos erupted even amongst the staff – led by Jean-Ronel. We went in with little time to plan, but came out with an incredible outcome.

Ready to lift the parachute

Pulling the parachute tight Under the parachute

Austin playing with the children from Kid’s Club Pignon (KCP) High fives work no matter the language barrier!

Being my first time to Haiti, I had little knowledge of the country’s culture. Worries and fears covered my mind as the days approached my arrival to the country; however, I quickly learned. And, quickly fell in love.

Jean-Ronel (left) and Austin (right)

The acceptance and love shown by the people of Pignon is immaculate. They have a reason to be cynical for their living conditions and lack of materials, but, they choose happiness – for the life God has blessed them with. A large question has developed during my time in Haiti: why do we often live in a world where convenience and selfishness overrule love and selflessness? And I think I have come to a conclusion: happiness is not rooted from materials, convenience, and an acceptance of leaving the world unchanged. Happiness is in people and a trust in God, of which are evident in the Haitian culture.