The Mt. Olivet Church youth group has arrived safely in Haiti. After a day of exploring Pignon, the team gathered to discuss some of the sights they encountered. Tackling two extremes, Carter Wells and Kyra Thielbar write about their first fews days. 

The simple definition that our group came up for hunger was suffering. We all agreed that we would never look at hunger the same way again. One woman in particular stood out to all of us on the food delivery team today. She was so weak and in so much pain that she was unable to eat and move. This woman was also trying to take care of her 4 grandchildren until the mother came home which would be later in the week. With all of the hunger and suffering in her life, she was still very positive and uplifting. She was very grateful for all of the food and supplies we were able to give to her. Even though we think we are hungry in America, it doesn’t compare to the hunger we encountered today. But even though the Haitians are dealing with severe hunger, they are still so positive and have a great outlook on life.

We encountered many people that made memories and impressions on us today. Every family we delivered food to inspired us with hope and joy. The concrete floor that the group poured today will make the lives of the family so much better, but it was their friendliness and gratitude that put a smile on all of the workers’ faces. The people that left the biggest impression on me were the kids we played soccer with. Even though you couldn’t understand what they were saying to each other, their friendliness and laughter stood out. It was almost as though you could communicate with them through the actions that were being displayed on the field. That to me was very neat to see and awesome how God can work through the simple compassion and laughter of the people around you.

Today our crew went to pour concrete floor of a four bedroom house. We were motivated by how the workers worked and put their all into their job. Even though they didn’t have big machines like we do to use to make the process go faster, they used all their resources, such has a bucket and a shovel. Their hard work helped us not to give up and to keep working hard on the floor that we were making for the family.

There were many things today that made us laugh and smile. At the concrete floor job, one high point was laughing with the workers as we tried to speak French Creole. The biggest thing that made us all smile today were the kids on the street. When we drove by them they would all come out and wave to us with the biggest smiles on their faces that made us smile. Laughing and smiling is universal and spreads joy everywhere you go.


  1. Melanie Wipf

    Thanks for the post! We’ve been anxious to hear from you. Praying for all of you guys! Awesome!

  2. Koehn

    I’m glad u r making an impact on the people’s lives there. God bless u as your share Gods live to them.

  3. Dawn

    It is good to see the work the team has done so far & the impact they are making on the people & children in the community. May God continue to bless your ministry there.

  4. Joy Erdman

    We’re so proud of you guys! Praying for you often! May God bless you!!! Share Jesus today!!



  6. Alison K.

    Thank you MH4H for your ministry there. Thank you Mount Olivet youth group for going. words and pictures will never fully express what you are experiencing there. The blessing you are to them and they to you. the impact this experience will have on your lives if you let it. May you grow closer in your relationship to the Lord and realize the love God has for people everywhere. Continue to be usable and teachable. make the most of every opportunity. We love you and are praying for you.


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