by Pastor David Burling, trip leader

Greetings! This is our second attempt at a blog. We had some rain last night, and apparently when there is a storm, we lose our internet connection quickly. It was a long trip to finally get here on Wednesday. All of our travel connections went well, and once we arrived in Port au Prince, we quickly found Woody. He has such a great smile! The mission house is absolutely beautiful. What the group has done is nothing short of amazing. It is truly a welcoming home for all. Zeke introduced the staff to everyone and then the eating commenced.

On Wednesday afternoon, we walked around the Savanette community to see some of the local happenings. Of course when the “blancs” walk around the neighborhood, it attracts a crowd of kids! We met of the families that we are going to pour cement floors for. The people are so humble and appreciative for our presence and help. As you know, however, the question is really, “Who should really be humbled and appreciative?” It is an honor to be here and meet our brothers and sisters. It is Thursday morning already, and Carl woke me up before the sun arrived. He was worried that we were wasting time in Haiti sleeping, so I had to get up!

Today, I have talked the group into acting out the Christmas story for the 100+ kids that attend the “Thrive for Five” program. Most of the group says that acting is way out of their comfort box, to which I replied, “YES! I KNOW!” Nan is the Christmas angel. Jody and Joyce are in the fields keeping watch over their flocks by night. Denise is a “Wiseguy”. And you guessed it, Vicar (Mary) and Carl are the expecting couple. It should be a hoot.

Thank you for all of your prayers. The connection with internet is not always reliable, but the connection through prayer will never fail!

More soon,

Pastor David