Written by members of the Christ Covenant Church from Knoxville, TN

The team started off our day with another concrete floor installation. The woman on the receiving end of this one was a familiar face, and full of joy for this incredible gift from God. Last Saturday, when we delivered the goats to needy families, we came across a home with no floor, and no roof: just some cinder block walls and a tin-roofed animal shed, where one woman lived with two of her kids (she had to give away the third, most likely as a child slave). The father died before their house was completed, leaving the woman with both the pain of his loss and the constant reminder of an unfinished dream– a good home for his family. However, our group got the chance to help this family’s dream be finally completed. After first meeting them, our group got the money for the concrete floor, which Many Hands for Haiti matched to pay for a roof to be added on next week. So often we give without seeing result, or are the hands to labor without knowing from where the money for the work originated. But this experience was unique in that we got to see and be part of both. Our group saw the need, helped meet the need, and were the hands used to make the dream a reality, all by the mighty hand of God blessing us as much as he blessed the recipients of this gift he provided. Being part of this process so fully is genuinely humbling, as we relied on the spirit for every dollar needed and every ounce of energy we had to exert on our final day. I for one have never used my arm muscles so much in my life. I’m covered in bruises from hard work and play, scrapes and cuts from who knows where, and soreness from long truck rides and carting around cement. But I thank the Lord for every bit of it, since it came from serving Him. And I didn’t dare hold back on our last day to make an impact in Haiti. And as our window here comes to a close, I know I’m ready, along with the rest of this team, to take all we have seen and learned and felt and use it to impact our town back home. To serve until we are sore and scraped and bruised once more, wearing ourselves out for the sake of the kingdom, and radiating the joy of Christ in every physical and emotional and spiritual task he provides us with.

-Emily P.

This is the way we mix the concrete. Loving the work! The concrete bucket brigade! Abby and Woodson, working hard on the cement floor. Getting the job done on the house.

Today we went to a deaf school. Our whole team really enjoyed it, but something that really stuck out to us was how they worship. Even though they might not worship with their mouths, they are able to worship through signing. And it was very empowering to see them worship in their own personal way with Christ. The deaf school was one of the highlights of my trip to Haiti, and a big part of that had to do with me knowing sign language. I loved being able to communicate with the kids and learn their names and other fun things!

“I love you!” The deaf school children with the group. The sign for Haiti, as shown by one of the more advanced students.
Team picture with all the deaf children.

Team picture with all the deaf children.

Another thing that stuck out was when a boy was praying, in which he was able to communicate with God in a unique way by signing.
When I was at the deaf school, God reminded me how lucky I am to be able to hear and speak with my hearing aids. I am certain those kids at the deaf school would love to have a pair of hearing aids or cochlear implant. They did love the love hearing aids I was wearing.

The last time together, taking at the orphanage, with all the workers and new friends we have made this week.