Kyle Wipf is on the ground in Haiti for the second time in his life. He has diligently worked the last few days to finish painting Irene’s Place. In that time, Kyle’s heart has been stirring with memories of his last trip and the newest experiences he has been taking in. Read as he shares what God has been teaching him.

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Family picture with three siblings


In the American life of abundance, we get so caught up in busyness, triviality, and self-focus that we are ultimately distracted from what truly gives us joy—knowing, loving, and worshipping our Lord.  If one is honest with one’s self, it is downright embarrassing the extent to which this is true.  Haiti and Haitians made me keenly aware of this fact on my first trip, and they have impacted me afresh throughout this week.

One way we worship our Lord is to show the love of Christ through service.  I thought I was coming to Haiti to do just that, but once again, I am humbled.  Humbled by the degree to which the Haitians to whom I intended to show the love of Christ out-love me.  Humbled by the joy, evidenced in the brightening of the eyes and widening in the smile, a Haitian believer radiates when you start talking about our Savior.

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Folks, we have children’s programs, worship teams, outreach teams, discipleship/mentorship programs, Sunday school, mid-week services, youth group, etc, etc.  If any of these seems ineffective, we form committees and have meetings to discuss how WE can do things better to be more effective.

May I suggest that what we really need in the American church today is the Joy of Christ?  I don’t mean the academic, perfunctory “joy” the average curmudgeon Christian claims to have, but the eye brightening, smile widening, uncontainable joy that can only come from experiencing God on a personal level.  Will this joy not compel us to serve better, love better, forgive better, and lead better all those we come across in the course of our day?  I have some work to do.  You?

Kyle Wipf