Danielle Vande Voort, Hannah De Bruin, and Jamie Leavens share about the team’s exciting day at the market and orphanage.

Today we started by waking up at 4:30 to start our hike up the mountain, so we could watch the sunrise.  It was a long hour of steep climbing with a lot of loose rock.  

The view was great, with fog settling over the towns below us.

While on the mountain we sang 10,000 Reasons and Queens and Kings.

The decent down the mountain was quite an adventure.  Most had troubles and many had minor falls, but we all returned to the compound for breakfast in one piece.    

Still all smiles after the long trek down the mountain.

After breakfast we loaded up our truck and went to the market.  There were four groups that walked around and explored the area.

Pignon Market

  As one whole group we bought five pregnant goats and delivered three of them to different families.  After praying for the families we went back to the compound for lunch and a short break.  

Jean Rene explained the goat program to families receiving a goat. There’s always time to hold kids. The team and the family that received the goat.

Our last adventure of the day was going to the orphanage and getting to play with the kids.  This orphanage houses kids from infants to young adults. 

Selfies with some of the kids.

We brought them toys (jump ropes, bubbles, cars, and bouncy balls), and gave them snacks (crackers and soda) and toothbrushes.  We thought many of these kids were more reserved than the ones we see on the streets. 

We played  with the kids for about two hours before heading back for supper.  We had some more time to get hair braided, eat supper, and enjoy time together before singing and going to bed.