This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it! This was indeed a day for rejoicing in what the Lord has done and will still do in the lives of the Pella Christian Winterim team. These students participated in a foretaste of heaven as they worshipped and prayed to the Creator of All alongside others of a different tongue and background. Keep reading to see all that the team experienced this beautiful Sunday.

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Sunday Day 4 in Haiti

Bonjou! Today we all got to experience a Haitian church service. They started with Sunday school for the kids, and then went on to singing. Most of us got to participate while following along in the hymnal book. We then had the privilege of singing the doxology for them. Pastor Lumanes started the sermon about Moses and how with God, we can do anything, but without Him, we are lost. We could all feel the passion and energy he had while he was preaching.

After the church service, we were able to go to a restaurant in Pignon and enjoyed a delicious meal. Once we were all finished, we came back to campus to load up with all the food for our deliveries. Our group split into 2 groups to go deliver food. Each group visited 3 homes.
One truck went to a few sponsor kids houses, along with a neighbor. The first house this group visited was the Agre’s sponsor child, Youdeslande, and her family. Their family had just recently, in the past 6 months, been kicked out of their old house and were now renting from a friend. They are in search of a new home and asked us to pray for them as they look. The next house we visited had 20 people living in the home, but the homeowners was a older couple. The woman had just lost her husband 2 days prior, and was mourning his loss. She welcomed us all in and asked us to pray for her and all the people living in her home. We prayed a blessing over her in this time of loss and hoped the food would bless everyone in the home. The last house we went to was Karlie’s sponsor child, Wanchela, and her family. They were very happy to see us. The mom and dad were not married, and asked us to pray that God would show the right time to get married.
The other truck also went to 3 different houses a little farther away from campus. All three of the houses they went to had single moms. The first house had a 15 day old baby who did not have a name yet. They asked for prayers for the baby and the transition into the MH4H program. The second house they visited was another single mom who had 24 people living in her house, but only 1 of them was hers, with another one on the way. The child she did have, a 2 year old girl, was malnurished and was very behind in her growth. They asked for prayers that the girl would be back to full health, and they told us to thank God for the program and all it has done for their family. The last house we visited also had a single mom with 9 kids. She requested prayers in her search for a job to provide for all of her family.
We were all very touched by these families, and we continue to pray for them and ask for your prayers as well. Tonight, we had some quiet time to reflect and journal and just marvel and God’s beauty in this country. We ask for your continued prayers for the rest of our trip.

Because we hope you care, 🙂
Karlie Anderson and Emri Agre

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  1. Arlene

    God’s continued blessings on you young people and this mighty work. Love following your blogs.


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