The Pella Christian Winterim team started their day with hard work using their hands and minds to impact the daily lives of two gentlemen with physical handicaps whom they had not even met. The team continued to walk alongside local people who, for different reasons, struggled to physical move from one place to the next. These young people were caring and respectful as they momentarily entered the lives of those with struggles much different from their own. Keep reading to learn about the team’s day.

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Tuesday Day 6 in Haiti

The beginning of the day was pretty ordinary. We had breakfast, got ready and began our first task. We built some raised gardens for people with PET carts to attend and make money and sell produce. We were split into 3 different teams. Each team built 2 gardens out of wood. After all 6 were built, we loaded 2 into each truck (total 4 of the 6) to deliver to the recipients. 2 were stored behind the Agronomy Center for future use.

Before the boxes were delivered and installed, the team had the amazing opportunity to play with some of the PS1, PS2, and PS3 students attending the School of Light during their recess time. The kids really enjoy soccer and the swings.
After playtime, the group was split in 2 to deliver the boxes. After we got there, we met the person who would be attending it and brought the boxes usually into their back yard and set them down. Once they were leveled on the ground, the boys began filling the boxes with dirt. It took a solid hour for our team to fill both boxes almost all the way to the top. They were very hot and sweaty afterward. Once the planter boxes were done, and each team blessed the attendees, the teams returned to campus and ate lunch.
After lunch, the group went to the other MH4H campus in Maliarette. After we visited the campus and learned about the First 1000 Days program at their campus, we returned to the first campus, loaded the trucks, and drove into town to deliver PET carts to people who really needed them. Our first stop had a little hiccup. The box containing the parts for the cart we needed to assemble on site was damage during shipping, so when we began assembling the cart, we realized we were missing a wheel. Uh oh. Thankfully, we weren’t too far from campus and one of the drivers went back and grabbed the 3rd cart. The men who were helping to build it borrowed a wheel from the preassembled cart and put that one on instead. We gave the cart to an older man who had a sickness for 6-8 years and was unable to walk or recover from it because there was no medicine available in Haiti to cure it. He was so grateful for the the cart and also received an audio Bible so he could listen to the New Testament in Creole. His cart was one built so his family could push him or pull him through town.

Our second recipient was an elderly lady who who lived with her sister in Pignon. She was unable to balance which didn’t allow her to walk. She loved the audio Bible and her sister did too. Our third and final recipient was a 13 year old boy who was in 4th grade. He loved going to school and learning math and English. His English was pretty good, too. His legs were really weak which didn’t let him walk to school and learn. His cart was an arm powered one so he could use it himself and get to school every day. The path on the way to his home was overgrown and full of trees and cacti. One team member got a cactus to the rear. There were a few nicks and scratches but otherwise not bad.

Once we were finished with deliveries it was around 5 o’clock. The ladies who did hair and nails had arrived and everyone who wanted their hair or nails done showered up. Trenton went first and got his whole head braided into cornrows. Grant and Brayton got their whole head done too. Sarah got 4 braids on the side, Natalie got her whole head done, which took over an hour, and Joslyn got her whole head done as well. Emri got 4, Elizabeth got 4, Cara got 4, and Karlie got 4 as well. Betsy did her whole head and Dietrek and Caden did not get their hair done. Karlie, Anna, and Elizabeth got their nails done. While the hair was being done, we ate dinner and had devotions. Now we’re just chilling, journaling, and might play a game later. Thank you all for your prayers and please to continue to pray for us to have safe travels home.

Because you should care,
Betsy McClellan and Elizabeth Vink 😉

Painting nails with some neighbor girls

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  1. Arlene

    How fun to get your hair done!! Some of those PET carts are made here in Holland, Mi. Wonderful work you’re doing, dear young people!


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