by Amee and Abby Pleima, Pella Christian winterim trip participants

DSCN6265The team of 14 from Pella Christian before leaving for Haiti.

We woke up early this morning at 4:30 to begin our travel to Pignon. Everything went smoothly, and we arrived around noon. We piled into the back of two trucks and headed toward the compound. There were a few paved roads, but dirt roads marked much of the way which made for a fun ride in the back of the truck.

At the compound, we unloaded our stuff, had lunch, and settled in. We slowed down a little and relaxed to enjoy the weather before going back into Pignon to tour the town.

As soon as we arrived in town, the kids flocked to us asking us our names, wanting to hold our hands, and requesting for us to take pictures with them. They love to see themselves in the camera! We walked through the hospital, and we were shocked at how primitive it was. We are feeling truly blessed to have the hospital system we have in the United States, to say the least!

We played on the streets with the kids a little while longer and got to see how they make their amazing peanut butter before loading back into the truck and heading to the compound. Our cooks prepared a fantastic meal for us to share, and then we had spent some time in devotions and reflection. We all agreed that the highlight of our day was loving and playing with the children. They have so little, yet are so happy.

We are so thankful that our travels went so smoothly and are looking forward to the rest of this week! We are feeling so blessed, and it’s only the first day!