Miranda Nikkel shares her experiences from their last day in Haiti

Today was by far my favorite day! We began our day by gathering with the Many Hands staff for devotions. It was so great to worship and hear scripture in English and Creole.

Soon after devotions we joined Woody at Thrive for Five and helped by distributing plates of food and playing with the children. I always love helping with Thrive for Five and seeing all the beautiful children laughing and playing, so I was excited that we got to do that once before we left!

Karlie Anderson holding Thrive baby Kerby Miranda Nikkel snuggles up to Ruth – Naida Samaelle Natasha Nikkel with Thrive child Guevents Severe Mara Juffer and Cherlande bonding

We took a quick trip to the souvenir market and took a little time for lunch before the group split up. One group headed to deliver goats, while a few of us drove to Savanette to visit our sponsor children. 

Taking 6 goats to Pignon and Savanette Karlie visits her sponsor child Lannecie

It was so great to get to see my sponsor child, Smiralda, and how much she has grown since my last trip here! It was cool to see where she lived and meet the rest of her family. I was also given a donation to buy her family a goat which her mother was so grateful for!

Smiralda and her mother The Nikkel girls visit Smiralda and offer gifts

On our way back we made a quick stop at the Haiti Home of Hope so that Tasha and I could see our cousin Jackenzie! It was so fun to get to see him again and take a photo together! We were not there for long before the thunder started to rumble, so we had to be on our way. There was a short rain, but the storm clouds cleared in enough time that we could see the sunset.

Although it was a busy day, it was very fulfilling. Today was basically the day that I was able to do everything that I really wanted to do while I was in Haiti! It’s so amazing to see how God has protected all of these different children and how He truly has them all in His hand. “Mwen pa esklav ni pe, Mwen se pitit Bondye” (I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God). This is the chorus to the song “No Longer Slaves” that we were able to learn in Creole. This song has really been a reoccurring song during this trip, and it has constantly proven to be true in our experiences. We have been able to see God’s faithfulness and guidance in so many different places throughout our week here.

As our last night here, tonight will be full of laughing and games. Although it’s going to be hard to leave tomorrow and once again say goodbye to my Haitian friends and this beautiful country, I am so excited to see how Haiti will continue to flourish after we leave.