Jeff Van Sant shares another busy day meeting the needs of people in Pignon and continuing their mission to hand out P.E.T. carts to as many people as they can.

We woke up to a perfect weather day in Haiti today looking forward to the many things that God had planned for us this day. Shelf painting, store room & kitchen organizing, stroller delivering, school visiting, helping with a hospital visit, finding a local woman who is going to sew diapers and P.E.T. cart deliveries were included in this busy day’s activities.

Color of the day – Spiced Carrot

I was with a group that left early morning to go to Hinche to deliver 10 P.E.T.s. The trip is 17 miles of very rough roads and took 1 1/2 hours, the normal amount of time.

Loaded and ready to go to Hinche 17 mile, 1 1/2 hour ride to Hinche

We arrived at a church/school to find many people waiting for us. Many of these could not walk and were in need of a P.E.T. Cart. Throughout the morning many more came hoping to be a recipient.

Never too old to learn!

One man that is in photo from today has been walking on his knees, dragging his feet behind for many years. What a blessing this P.E.T. must be, the gift of mobility for him.

This was only one example with many more happening throughout the week. Today’s delivery helped ten people, but it was tough to leave knowing that 20+ others were waiting & hoping to go home with the gift of mobility. Plans are already underway to return to Hinche with more P.E.T. carts.

This man has incredible arm strength! We gave all the recipients training on their new P.E.T.s

Ready! Set! Go!

It is amazing to see the gift of mobility multiplied!

It has been awesome to see the passion that the P.E.T. volunteers on this trip have to be the hands and feet of Jesus.