The team shares the continuing adventures of their jam-packed days in Haiti. Written by Bryce Jansen.

Today started as another sunny day. The day sent groups in different directions. Herold and Twyla were able to visit the family they sponsor. This was the most meaningful experiences of their trip so far.

Some of us worked in the shop area as we tried to rework 2 broken down P.E.T. carts. We thought we could make 1 good one out of the 2. We quickly found out that being in the used P.E.T. cart business isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Used Pet

Working together to repair used P.E.T.s

Another group went to help pour cement floors in private homes. Still yet another group went to the hospital in Pignon to help with a special needs child. They were frustrated that things didn’t go as expected. Some of the ladies stayed at the dorm and helped organize the storage room for C&C, as they just moved into their new home.

Many Hands are better together

After a lunch of hot dogs and french fries, we started our afternoon. Jeff worked on the Kawasaki Mule and got it running again. He then left with Bob and John Robert to visit some houses Bob was instrumental in getting built. They also looked at some prospects for more new homes for needy families. Ladies did more organizing in the dorm.Our major project for the afternoon was delivering 19 goats to needy families. 7 families picked up their goats at the compound. The other 12 were delivered into the countryside in 2 trips of 6 goats each. Clothes and toys were also given to the kids of these families. On our way back to the dorm, we were flagged down by a mother holding her child up to us wanting our help. Unfortunately we were not able to help at this time, as we found out her child was born with a disability that prevents him from using a P.E.T. cart. We hope to be able to help this family in the near future.

Loading goats for distribution Excited new goat owners

Each day has been full of adventure in it’s own way.