Lives are being transformed forever in Haiti as the PET team work on distributing the PET carts that they made just months before.

Greetings from your PET team in Haiti.  After great flights, we arrived right on time for lunch Thursday. We started our afternoon touring the campus. 

It was amazing to see the changes from a year ago, and listen to even more plans for the future. We went for a walk around the neighborhood, and visited Marcena Schwab’s sponsored child, Omakendel, who is pictured here sleeping on Pete’s shoulder.

Pete holds a sleeping Omykendal Walking with new friends More new friends

Getting reaquainted

We were joined on the walk with many smiling children.  The evening was spent preparing for tomorrow: the guys were strategizing delivery of 10 PET carts, and the ladies sorted through “mountains” of donated diapers, pillowcase dresses, shoes, and toys to share with the families who receive the PETs. We are excited for all the new experiences coming our way this week.

Barb and Al Kopaska

The next morning, after having a great breakfast, we loaded up 10 PET carts and lots of clothing, diapers and toys, and took off for Cerca Carvajal.  It was less than a 15 mile trip but it took over an hour and a half over very rough roads.  We were pleasantly surprised that the last 4 or so miles were newly paved!! We arrived at a church and were greeted by the pastor and many hopeful PET cart recipients.

To Cerca Carvajal for PET distribution PET cart recipients anticipating what is coming next

Something that really struck us was the wide range of disabilities.  Many people experienced birth defects, diseases and accidents.  One 14 year old girl had the biggest smile on her face as she tried out her cart.  She had no problem catching on and later we saw her pedaling (walking) down the street with 2 friends.  Something she had probably never been able to do before today.  

New found freedom for this girl


On the way back, we passed one of the new PET owners about 3 miles from Cerca.  We waved and he waved back with both his hands taking his hands off the handles causing his cart to run into the cactus hedge next to the road.  He was still smiling!  There are many other stories we could share but they all have this in common.  Lives were changed today for 10 of God’s precious children.  Our lives are so blessed by just seeing their smiles and looks of hope for the future.  Praise God!

TEN new PET cart owners

After getting back to the campus, we dug into finishing the playground that was started last week.  It is such an amazing addition for the school. Some of the team continued to organize clothing, diapers, and toys to be given to families tomorrow as we distribute 6 more PET carts about 1 hour away in Saint-Raphael.

Moving rubber to fill the ground of the new playground Nearly complete

It has been such an amazing blessing during the last 2 days to work with a team of people who are like-minded in their faith and actions.

Pete and Carol Verhey