Written by Heidi Schulte,  Development Coordinator in Pignon/Sylvain, Haiti.

A couple weeks ago, Claudin, our MH4H Agronomist and his crew harvested a plentiful crop of pistache (peanuts). Definitely a blessing from God with the poor rainy season we have had!

A harvest worker holding a bundle of our pistache.

One main purpose of this crop was to make mamba (peanut butter) for the Thrive program. During our staff retreat, one team member suggested that we invite the caregivers in the program to help us shell the peanuts. This is a long process, done completely by hand and with MANY HANDS, it goes MUCH faster.

Parents and carers of children from Thrive for 5 working together One little boy enjoys playing amongst the pistache shells

We have now had a few days of “Pistache Parties” and we plan to have some more! They have been such a fun community-building activity for program participants, and even some of the kids have tried to get involved. (I think they eat more than they help!) Today, our first batch of mamba was made, and we plan to serve it as part of Monday’s meal. 

The kids love helping their parents!

Bringing the community together Enjoying the fruits of their labor

It is a powerful thing to see how God can use something as simple and funny-looking as a peanut to bring so many people together to produce something for the good of all! 
Hard working carers multitasking!