Written Angie Evans with The Way Church, from Newton, IA

We arrived in Haiti last night after a long trip down. We had delays at the Des Moines and Chicago airports which put us late getting into Miami to the hotel. We got about 3 hours of sleep and then made our may to Haiti. We had a long 3 hour trip by van to Pignon.  Most of the roads were in decent shape up and down the mountain. The last leg of the trip we had rough dirt roads. They were worse then the level B roads at home.

Last night, we enjoyed the sounds of rain and got some much needed sleep.  It actually rained off and on all day, which is unusual for this time of year. It was still much warmer then Iowa. 🙂  We began the day with a great breakfast and a walk through the town of Pignon.  It was definitely an eye opener when we saw the homes and businesses. The people were very friendly and welcoming. After our walk , we helped 2 families plant their garden. We planted cabbage, peppers, and leeks. After lunch, we made bags with gifts for 10 families and also took rice, oil, tomato paste, and pasta. We were able to walk through the homes. The homes had a few very small rooms and most had dirt floors. Most had no electricity and cooked from a wood or coal fire on the floor of their home. The biggest surprise was how happy these people were. It was inspiring.

We had a full day and a lot to think about. We prayed for each family we visited and they were very grateful for our visit. God was very much present. Keep us all in your prayers, so that He will speak to our hearts where we should reach out.

The whole team, in front of one of the families they prayed with and delivered food to.

The whole team, in front of one of the families they prayed with and delivered food to.

Ebens, MH4H Pignon Programs Manager, leading the team during the town walk-through and home visits. The team prayed with families, as well as delivering food baskets to each family. Planting a garden, which had seedlings that needed to be transplanted from the nursery. Each garden has a nursery to grow the seedlings, which are then transplanted in rows to the garden. Planting the seedlings in the final destination.