Written by Melanie Breza and Hannah Laflin, members of the Central College campus ministries team

Bonjou nou zanmi yo! (Hello our friends)

We started our day out bright and early. Half of the group was up and ready to go by 5:25, eager to hike MountPignon. It took us about an hour and a half to reach the top, but it was all worth it once we were able to overlook the beautiful scenery of Pignon. The journey back down was quite the adventure. One of members, aka Faith, decided to slide her way down the mountain. With the help of our guide and friend, Richelin, we safely made it back down to the truck around 8:15.

The hikers picture on top of the mountain. The mountain top view of the city of Pignon. The hikers posed for a picture with their new found friends after completing the mountain hike.

After enjoying a delicious breakfast of oatmeal, fresh mango, pineapple, and hard boiled eggs, we walked to a Haitian family’s home while singing Creole songs. Once we arrived, we began helping the workers transport the cement to create a cement floor. It was incredible to watch the workers prepare the necessary materials needed to make the floor. While some of the members worked on the cement floor, others were interacting with women and children painting nails, holding babies, and coloring. A couple of us became human coloring books! Even with the language barrier, it was easy to communicate with the children. We headed back for lunch at 12:30 and enjoyed a delicious and filling Haitian meal.

The inside of the house, before the cement floor went into the home. Bucket by bucket, the cement goes into the home. Burns, a MH4H worker, lays the concrete inside the home. The human coloring book, at the home cement floor project location. Kelly painting finger nails at the work site location. Katy connecting with the children while the cement floor was being poured. Katy and Heidi found some babies to hold while at work. Faith painting finger nails at the work site location. A job well done on the concrete floor.

Our next stop was a DeafSchool. It was a bit intimidating at first as we were unsure how to communicate with the children, but we soon were able to break the barrier and interact with them in other ways. When we first arrived at the school, we were shown their classroom and they sang songs to us in sign language and attempted to write their names on the chalkboard. We then followed the kids outside and played games with them. Kids were using us as human jungle gyms and were obsessed with our cameras. We were painting nails, making balls from pipe cleaners, blowing bubbles, and running around. The kids were full of energy and by the end of the day we were ready to crash for a long nap.

Hannah playing with the children at the deaf school. Lots of love was being poured out at the deaf school by the team.
The human jungle gym !

The human jungle gym !

Brett playing with the children at the deaf school.

One of the generous things about Many Hands for Haiti is that we get the privilege of enjoying an ice cold Coca-cola or Sprite made with real sugar cane everyday for free. After a long and hard day, it really hit the spot! The relationships between our team members are becoming stronger each day, as we play games and jam to music. We heard the sound of the dinner bell and rushed inside to enjoy the great tasting rice and beans prepared by our amazing cooks. We spent the rest of the night relaxing on the balcony of our dormitory.

After only being in Haiti for two days we have realized just how friendly and loving everyone here is. We have met many great friends and are excited to continue our mission here in Haiti. It truly is a beautiful country and we are all so thankful for this opportunity and experience.

This is Hannah and Melanie checking off. Orevwa! (Good-bye)