By Makenzie, a member of the TRC CORE team.

The team picture, on the grass airstrip in Pignon.

The team picture, on the grass airstrip in Pignon.

Today was our second day in Haiti and we got up really early to climb Mount Pignon. We got up at 4:30 in order to see the sunrise on top of the mountain. It was hard hike up the mountain, we got off the trail a few times, but we made it up and we were able to see the sunrise, and it was really cool to see Gods beautiful creation light up. One of my favorite things we did on top of the mountain was when the sun was up, we sat on the roof of a house and we worshiped to God a few songs and it was just amazing to be able to feel the Holy Spirit come down on us there. The hike down the mountain was really fun because most of us fell, and so we all got a good laugh in. Then we went to the market to walk around and it was so crowded, there were so many people and so many things to look at. The scary part was that we couldn’t all walk together, we were in a single file line all the way through the market because it was so crowded, and a little overwhelming, but other than that it really was a whole different experience. We came back to the compound and we just chilled there for a while, ate supper, and then we attempted to have a movie night at a school, the many kids that were there all got a little snack and juice, we tried to watch Tarzan but the city power wasn’t strong enough so we had to pack it up. Before bed we had a really cool prayer time, everyone listen to what the Holy Spirit was laying down on their heart for each person in the group. We listened 2 minutes for each person and then shared what we heard or saw. It was really cool to know that the Holy Spirit was moving the group.

On top of the roof on the little building on top of the mountain. The team is meeting lot of new faces this week. A very typical scene at the market, as it is extremely crowded and full of everything you can imagine.


By Christa, member of the TRC CORE team

The second day of our trip was busy and long but definitely worth it. We woke up at 4:30 and took 2 groups up the Pignon Mountain. It was difficult and the power of teamwork was important. Most of us made it up to the very top. We were all panting for air when we got to the top but the minute all of us saw the beauty of God’s creation we didn’t care how heavy we were breathing or how hard the climb was. It was incredible. My favorite part of the morning was singing on top of a cement house and singing to God. After we came back we walked to the market, which was very busy and crowded. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing until after supper when we prayed over each person. The Holy Spirit was so powerful in the hours we were praying. It was so great to pray for each person and see what the Lord is putting on our hearts even though we have only been with these wonderful people for a couple of days. I am so excited to see what else the Lord will put on our hearts and to grow spiritually with all of the people down here.

Haylie with a smiling face! The typical transportation in Haiti -the back of a truck! Visiting families and praying with them is something all teams do in Haiti.