We have been staying in Jude’s dorm these past 11 days and it has been a very nice place to stay while in Haiti. The dorm is completely on the 2nd floor of Jude’s house. Jude has been living in Des Moines, Iowa the past few years, so his sister, Lucie and her family live downstairs. (A piece of trivia for you…..Jude graduated high school in 1995 from Pella Christian High School!!) Lucie’s youngest son is named Lewinsky, but his nickname is Kiki.  He is so cute! It has taken us 11 days to finally get him to smile!


We finally got Baby Kiki to smile!

Today was a good day. We went to Pella Christian in Ba Savanette. We saw a lot of good friends we haven’t seen for a while. We visited Youseline and her mom Moseline. We also met her new born baby Djobani. For you ladies from Leighton, Djobani is wearing a bundled bottom you sewed! We also went to Accassia and saw the new bakery that is being built. That is a good thing, because you can not buy bread anywhere close to Savanette..


We visited Youseline and her momma Moseline. Youseline attends Pella Christian.


Djobani is Moseline’s baby boy we is wearing a bundled bottom!


A new bakery is being built in Accasia.

In the afternoon, we visited a few farms around Pignon. As we were leaving the last farm, we saw black storm clouds forming over the mountains. Before we could get home, the sky let go and we were soaked on our motorcycles.


Meetings to talk about farms. Ebens doing his best to be a farmer. 🙂

We are on our way to Port tomorrow morning at 6am. We should be home in Iowa by Saturday afternoon. Pray for safe travels. Blessings, Tim and Lucia