Mark and Melissa Kauk serve in Haiti full-time, working with Many Hands’ Love in Action programs. Mark serves as the U.S. Lead for Leadership and Melissa is the U.S. Lead for the First 1,000 Days Program. You can read their previous updates here.


‘Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved’ Romans 10:13

I am amazed at what our Spiritual Mothers do for our 248 mamas and babies each day. Pastors Wilna and Dienaunte have degrees in Theology, yet all four women bring biblical knowledge and a passion to share the salvation message to all the mothers and families in our program. Part of the Spiritual Mother’s job description is leading prayer and worship at each class, teaching discipleship, and visiting each and every mama at their home.

Pictured above: Pastor Wilna and Melissa going to Mè Bel Mè, Second picture: Pastor Wilna

For home visits, practically, that looks like reserving one of our drivers for a morning and going out two-by-two for 5-7 home visits once or twice a week. Deeper talks and the gift of salvation are offered. This past June Wilna visited 66 homes, Dieunante 38 homes, and Ynodane 37 homes. Because of these 1:1 home visits, 53 mothers gave their hearts and lives to Jesus, acknowledging their sins, repenting, and recognizing that only Jesus can take away their sins, receiving God’s mercy of forgiveness, and choosing to make Jesus Lord in their life.

To God be all the GLORY!

Pictured above: Pastor Dienaunte

What we call rededication is called restoration in the Haiti culture. On one visit with Dieunante, an entire family ‘restored’ their life back to Jesus. A total of 11 mothers rededicated their lives back to Jesus across our campuses.

Pictured above: Madame Wilnise

Once mamas become Christians, the Spiritual Mothers begin discipling them, praying with them, and encouraging them to be connected in a healthy Christian church. Our heart is to have a Spiritual Father on staff next year to connect with the fathers in the program!

The spiritual forces are strong down here in Haiti. ‘For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’ Ephesians 6:12

Please join us in prayer to renounce the work of Satan and his demons, renounce the voodoo influences in every part of life, and pray that the local witch doctors will be revealed as false gods and that the community’s dependence on them for healing will be broken.

Pictured above: Madame Ynodane


The Lead Like Jesus Level 1 training is currently being offered for the First 1,000 Days staff at three of our Love-in-Action centers from July to November. Pastor Jean Ronel is teaching the class on Fridays at the Sylvain campus, Micul Pierre, director of the School of Light, is leading the class at Jean Boule, and Jocethène Decius, a 5th-grade teacher, is leading the group at Maliarette. During this past year, Micul and Jocethène have been practicing their teaching skills for the Level 1 class under Jean Ronel’s and my mentorship as we anticipated expanding this training to our other centers. It is exciting to see the entire staff of assistants, cooks, security, cleaning staff, and transportation from each center learn together as part of the class!

Pictured above: The current Lead Like Jesus Staff in Haiti. From left to right: Jocethène Decius, Jean Ronel, Micul Pierre, Mark Kauk

The rainy season in Haiti, extending from April to November provides unique challenges to delivering supplies and food to other centers weekly but also hosting the classes for the Lead Like Jesus training.

Join me as I relive a recent trip by Micul and myself to teach the class at the Jean Boule Love-in-Action center, which is 30 minutes away on a good day. The trip was complicated by muddy roads that make travel difficult and finally impassable. First, we go by motorcycle.

After pulling off the side of the road unable to continue, we talked to a local on a bicycle who agreed to take us through a “shortcut.”

After 30 minutes, we emerged from the path back onto the road and walked the last 20 minutes to our final destination, the Jean Boule Love-in-Action center!!

Our final destination pictured below! 

Pictured above: Micul beginning instruction on the importance of guarding your heart as a leader “for it is the source of life.” Proverbs 4:23.

We praise God for the dedication of Micul to get to the center that day. Nothing was going to stop him! I was just following along, trusting we were going to arrive, thanks to his knowledge of the area! It indicates how strongly we believe that we are making an impact to build leadership skills in the people working with the mothers and babies each day through the First 1,000 Day Program. We see the resolve that God has given the Haitians to see their families and fellow community members experience the love of Christ and learn to Lead Like Jesus.

Pictured above: Students listening and taking notes.


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