Regan Nelson, one of MH4H’s summer interns, describes their first week in Haiti, as they hit the ground running.

Bonswa zanmim! (Hello my friends!)

We arrived safely in Pignon on Thursday and we’ve hit the ground running. When we arrived, we were able to find our rooms and explore the campus a bit. It was so fun to see all the buildings and the full banana trees! June of last year, a team and I came down, where we planted a majority of the 1300 banana trees that are on the land.

I was able to go into town with Heidi to pick up some medicine from a couple different pharmacies and visit one of the Thrive girls who was in the hospital. I am studying to become a nurse, so I love experiencing and learning more about the healthcare in Haiti!

On Friday, Laura and I, along with Christi and a pastor we are close friends with, left to make the trip up to Cap-Haitien. The trip is about 35 miles, but takes around 3 hours to get there. Upon arriving, we ran a few errands for our friends and then we went to the airport to pick up a friend, who was visiting us for the week.

Beautiful landscape on our ride to Cap

On Saturday morning, we were able to meet up with Jean-Robert and our PET team workers to distribute 3 PET carts! I loved being able to witness a couple handicapped people be able to transport themselves for the first time in years, and for one lady- the first time in her life! She had Typhoid fever when she was 7 months old and lost her ability to walk because of it. She had the most amazing voice and was singing, praising Jesus the whole time with such joy!

Our new friend receiving a PET cart- she’s the one that had Typhoid

Next stop was the CITADEL! This was my second time there, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. The hike is a great challenge and workout, and the view at the top is breathtaking. It is easily my favorite part. I love exploring what our Creator has made! We then made the long trek home!

While we were in Cap, Maddie and Nichole stayed back to help Heidi with Thrive! Nichole was able to see Eliniese and is planning to work with her on feeding this week. Maddie was able to start connecting with families and building relationships. They love it and are so good with these children.

Sunday was a glorious day of Sabbath. We took a ride on the moto-bikes to a church that was in a few communities over. We had to cross the suspension bridge! It was wonderful. Our afternoon was spent catching up on things and enjoying the sun, adult coloring books, and reading outside on the patio. For dinner, we decided to celebrate the 4th of July! We made some of our favorites and some American food and sang some lovely patriotic songs. It was hilarious.

On Monday, a couple different groups did home visits as follow ups. For my group, after our first stop, one of the motorcycles had a flat tire. So on the way back, we stopped under some shade that was next a house that the Do Something Concrete Project worked with. Pastor Lumaneś decided to go in and check up on her. She is very sick now and is currently bedridden due to retaining fluid in her legs and belly. She looked pregnant due to the amount of fluid. She decided that she wanted to accept Jesus and follow him! It was awesome to witness that and to be able to pray over her! The other group, Jean-Ronel and Laura had 2 more people accept Jesus into their hearts that same morning while doing concrete floor follow-ups! Praise the Lord! It was fun to celebrate them.

Please continue to pray that we are able to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus this month. Pray for our health and safety and overall well-being of all team members! We are so excited about what is to come!



Thank you for all of your prayers and support!