The Sunnybrook team has arrived in Haiti. Immediately their hearts are opened to the physical and spiritual needs around them. Many times a need cannot be addressed until it is acknowledged. Such was the case when the team went to visit one specific woman. Keep reading to discover which life-changing need was met last Thursday afternoon. 

The Sunnybrook team came prepared this week to bless numerous families with a gift of food. Just 2 ½ hours after the team landed on the grass airstrip in Pignon, Haiti, more than ONE TON of rice and ¼ ton of beans were purchased and loaded into the taptap along with other food items to be shared with families in need.
Some days this vehicle serves as a Haitian ambulance or a Haitian taxi. Today… it is a Haitian limousine!  Welcome to Haiti, Kevin!
All the food items were unloaded and then sorted and separated into individual portions ready to be shared with special families.  Some families have been chosen ahead of time. For the rest, the team is waiting and praying for who God will put in their path in the days ahead.
Early in the evening, a follow up visit was made to a very dear, Haitian women named Sizane who lives up the mountain a bit on the north edge of town. This past Sunday, she was the recipient of a gift of food, given to her as a gift of LOVE from Jesus Christ. Along with the gift of food to nourish her physical body came a Creole Bible, a gift of spiritual food to nourish her soul. The woman herself cannot read but her adult daughter can. Sizane said she had not yet received Jesus as her Lord and Savior and was not interested that Sunday. She said we would need to return to her house another day. So Thursday evening as we sat with her outside her humble house with a cool evening breeze and a clear star-lit sky, She said, “M’ aksepte Jezi Kris kom sove mwen” “I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior”.