The Sunnybrook team may have gone to different churches today but they all shared the greatest experience – seeing what it truly means to rest in God’s hands. This lesson in trust is one they won’t soon forget.

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Today the team split up and some attended a local church and others went to United Christians International (UCI) for church.  This is a church that our home church (Sunnybrook Church) is associated with.  It was an amazing experience to listen (in Creole language) to the worship in song and the sermon, you couldn’t help but feel the presence of God.  We also participated in communion which was very similar to back home.  After the service at UCI we were given a tour of the school and university by Kristie Momprimier. It is amazing to see all that Jean Jean and Kristie have done to build this very impressive campus. All to the glory to God of course, who constantly provides in His perfect timing. Amen?

In the afternoon we again headed out to distribute food to previously identified homes.  To mention a few: we blessed a family where the father had been murdered, leaving the mom to care for their children, who had been blessed with a new home by one of our own team members. The next family we visited, was a mom caring for her three children including a 4-day old newborn. The Dad had just happened to be taken to the hospital that very morning, where he will have to remain for who knows how long and with who knows what. Not to mention this family of six, all live in just one room of a house.

Then the elderly gentleman, who we found out happened to be the owner of a PET cart. His age he did not know. With a laugh, he said, “Maybe 25!?” but add about 40- 50 years and your guess would be a lot closer! We all laughed as he joked with us about his “youth” and also one of his prayer requests was to find a “madam”!! (Wife) He had so little, his body was frail and weak, and his basic needs were so many and yet his humor had us all laughing!
Seeing some of the situations that these people live in and all the hard work it takes for them just to live day to day, can be hard to see and we just want to fix it all, and can feel like is what we are even doing helping them?  It doesn’t seem like we are doing enough. But then some of them will say “I was praying for God to provide and he did. We are realizing that it is all in God’s hands. These people are in God’s hands and how He has been using us is in His timing. It is a blessing to be able to help in the ways that we have been.

We continue to be amazed at the goodness God allows us to share with these faithful families.

Bethany and Sharon

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  1. Augie Nicolai

    So proud of you all. You are God’s hands working together and sharing His love.

    Enjoy following your work!


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