Members of the Sunnybrook Community team enjoyed the view and lessons offered by Mt. Pignon on an early morning hike. They were reminded that, though all seems lost by fire, new life and hope will always push through. What a beautiful picture of the life-transformation through Christ Jesus that MH4H seeks in every aspect of the ministry. 

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Monday morning Craig Brown, Christi and I got up before sunrise to climb Mt Pignon.   Mt Pignon can be viewed from the campus, it has an elevation of 2580 feet.  We did meet several Haitians working in the lower part of the mountain.  The work was chipping large rocks into gravel that they would sell for concrete work and roadways.  We also met several farmers climbing the mountain to clear bush with a machete to make terraces for gardening.  Several stick homes were visible on the mountainside along with an unoccupied church.  The top of the mountain had been burned probably a controlled burn to help clear the bush. We did find 2 bloomed flowers amongst the ashes and rock.  There are not many birds in the central plateau of Haiti but we did see 5 birds eating nectar from a large bloom of a aloe vera type plant.  The beauty of the flowers along with the birds was felt to be a ray of hope amongst the struggles.

Today was Program Day.  We learned about Many Hands focus and Intention while serving in the Haitian Community.  The activities consist of First 1000 days (of a child’s life) program for expecting moms and their infants, Preschool, Agricultural, Creole language, Haitian History and Culture, jobs held by Haitians that are provided by Many Hands.  Today was laundry day so two lovely women sat outside all day washing. We filled 5 gallon buckets of water and walked approximately 10 minutes to water coconut trees on campus as to experience how Haitians  have to walk for water.  

Today was a good day for rest and reflection.



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