Hunter Burnett from the Tarrytown, NY team describes the amazing heights and blessings of their 3rd day in Pignon, Haiti.

Today was a day full of adventures that brought our mission team closer to the community of Pignon as well as the beautiful scenery of Haiti. We started the day waking up at 5am which is earlier than many of us are use to; however we were all taken aback when we found that starting the day this early is not uncommon in Haiti. Hopping in the back of a truck, we drove toward the inner town of Pignon where we were dropped off by a garbage dump. “This is where we’re going to be hiking?” That was the thought that many of us had after being told we were going to climb a mountain. Starting the trek was one of wonder and curiosity but soon turned out to be more amazing than anything we could have imagined.

Friends joining us on the hike! Celebrating the completion of hiking up the mountain

We were guided on this expedition by fellow friends of Many Hands that showed us the way to the peak of one of the many incredibly soaring mountains surrounding us. Trusting our guides we walked through various terrains consisting of corn fields to prickly shrubs lofted on boulders. Completely depleted of all the energy we started with, we pushed ourselves to reach the top upon where a cellular tower stood. Looking from above at the community of Pignon, we knew we had finally made it. Haiti, although in such extreme poverty, is such a stunning landscape. When we finally collected our breath and quenched our thirst we made our way down the mountain. 

The view from the cellular tower on top Mt Pignon

Later today we indulged in the average life of a person from Pignon and neighboring villages by making our way into the typical Saturday market place. Much different from what most of us are use to, faces of shock filled our mission team. Anything from clothes to medical supplies to even freshly grown fruit surrounded the streets. Flies swarming butchered meat and dirt coating the rice laying on the ground was nothing but normal for the people of Pignon.

Sweat flying around in 90 degree weather, our team needed a break from all that we were experiencing. On the prowl for water we came across something unusual to us all which was bagged water. Ten for only one U.S. dollar, we bought nearly twenty and each one tasted better than the one before. The sun pounding on us, our day was not over as it was still only the afternoon. 

Back in the truck we set our destination to the home of a man who had severe trouble walking. We were delivering a pet cart which is a bike that you peddle with your hands. Driving down roads paved of dirt and rock the truck was bouncing left and right. At one point we were on a road that had the truck driving on solely its two left tires. Coming up to our destination we ran in to a problem and the truck needed immediate repair. Stranded in a field that looked much like the tundra’s of Africa with a ton of grass and your random tree to the left and right, we were for sure in a pickle.

Our driver cleverly opened up the package we were delivering and used parts to fix the truck while at the same time an employee of Many Hands put the cart together with what we had left. Walking from the distance was two grown men heading our way, but wasn’t quite what we would have thought. One of the men was on the back of the other and we soon realized it was the man who was to receive the cart. Him sitting down on the cart brought tears to our eyes as he smiled with joy and cried of happiness knowing the Lord was there to bless him with a way of transportation that he so badly needed. 

Pet Cart Delivery

As the sun was setting we were all exhausted but were tasked with one last job before we laid to rest. We were given the duty of bringing out our musical talents which included Katie Miles playing the piano, Jack Cloud on the guitar, and to top it off the soothing voice of Juliette Phillips. As a team we practiced “Amazing Grace” and “Go Now in Peace” for hours until we felt we were ready to perform in a Haitian church service tomorrow. Collectively we can not wait to see what the rest of our stay has in store for us.

Juliette and Kate practicing for church