by Marci Allen, first time trip participant

It was a gorgeous day in Haiti today. God’s majesty surrounds us in the lush, green trees and mountainous landscape. Such beauty abounds, yet the Haitians live in such difficult circumstances. Every drop of water must be carried. Every morsel of food is grown or purchased at the market miles away. The Haitians work intensely hard for everything they have here, and yet, they seem content. The smiles on their faces, the greetings, and the sound of joyful songs surround us. These people truly understand Philippians 4:12 – how to be content in any situation. We could all learn some life changing lessons from the people of Haiti.

We were blessed to be able to go to Savenette again today to help with the Thrive for 5 feeding program that the MH4H team facilitates. They run a wonderful program five days a week, which includes joyous singing, a Bible story, and a large portioned meal for each child. The mothers walk or bring their children by donkey to attend.

These three children arrived by donkey with their mother to attend Thrive for 5. 

Thanks to sponsors, kids enjoy a full meal each day at Thrive for 5. 

There were 89 children with a caretaker to whom we served meals today. The caretakers are so kind and appreciative. Not to mention, they have the best behaved children I have seen in a group setting, and they are only months old to 5 years. Their behavior was amazing to say the least. After the meal, many children came up with fresh cuts or previous wounds that they wanted to be treated. Heather and Cassidy have always attended to them in previous days, but I felt blessed to use some of my nursing skills to help these little ones.

I witnessed a wide variety of health problems today. A little boy with a deep facial cut was brought to me by his mother. He sat so patiently as I cleaned his wound and applied ointment and a bandage. A little girl’s wrist that the interns had previously treated was healing well but needed to be bandaged again. A very small toddler had a very large stomach, most likely full of worms. His stomach is aching, and there was nothing I could do. He needs de-worming medication badly. I could only pray over him and know that the Lord is the Master Healer. He will take care of His children. One little boy had four wounds on his knees and calves that were becoming infected. I thoroughly cleaned them, and he never even flinched. They are such strong kids. They have to endure so much in this world they live in. I was deeply touched by his smile, after I applied the Band-Aids with polka dots on them. A healing touch, a warm smile, and a loving hug seemed to make him feel better for the moment.

I saw into the innocent eyes of children today. I watched them dance and sing as they praised our Lord. I watched them feed their tiny bodies until their stomachs were full, and I witnessed the peace of mothers as their children were fed and loved by the staff and volunteers of MH4H. I saw Jesus in Haiti today in many places, in many people, and in many situations. It has been my best day yet! I am looking forward to what God has in store for tomorrow. Bondye Bon! (God is Good!)

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