The team from ‘The Way’ share the final moments of their amazing time in Haiti as they make their way home.

We have had an incredible week. Here are a few of the final highlights:

The ‘Blancs’ Marci making a Hinche hospital visit with her friend Evelouse and husband Follow that man because he knows the best path to cross the river! Helping ‘sand’ the Haitian way: with a piece of cardboard Goats to be given away because of the love of Jesus How many BLANCS does it take to varnish a door?

Thursday morning we were packed and ‘ready’ for the drive to Port au Prince to be able board the plane for our flight back to the US.  We folded our long legs (Long legged BLANCS!) into the van with all of our luggage on top of the van covered with a tarp to guard from the dusty road. To NOT dwell on the ridiculous condition of the roads and the uncomfortable ride, focusing on the sights all around was the best strategy.  Blue skies, sunshine, cool breeze added to the beauty we saw. 

The Beauty of Haiti

Just yesterday, we had traveled this same road on the back of a ‘taptap’ to Hinche to meet 20 people with physical disabilities who would be blessed with a life changing gift of a PET cart.  While on the road today to Port au Prince, we saw one of the carts getting delivered to the owner’s home.  The PET cart was in transit tied on the back of a motorcycle!


Learning to use their new P.E.T.s. So good to see so many blessed!

The van, not in the greatest condition, had its share of challenges. Early on the back seat broke leaving those 3 passengers even more uncomfortable!  Praise the Lord the air conditioning was in working order but one window needed to be tied closed with a scrap piece of twine.  About 2/3rd into the journey our attentive driver slowed to a stop after hearing a noise that revealed a flat tire.  Dieuvy, the driver, has changed a tire or two…while the team stood across the road under a shade tree, the job was finished in no time and we were back on the road.  Soon we passed a BIG truck stranded in the middle of the road that also had a flat tire.  As a warning for oncoming traffic, the truck driver had spaced out mango tree branches on the road behind and ahead of the truck as traffic cones!  Whatever works!

Dieuvy changing the flat

Making no additional stops, not even to find bathroom facilities, we weaved, slipped and scooted through the Port au Prince traffic and arrived at the airport in plenty of time only to discover that our flight was delayed,  BUT, by late evening, we arrived in Miami safely, feeling the anticipation of a hot shower.

What a week. When we are back in Iowa, we hope you will ask us questions about what we saw GOD doing in Haiti.  See you soon!

Beatris and Evenie are being thanked for their delicious cooking, enjoyed by the whole team all week

THE WAY team