The Newton Church of the Way team has been a tremendous blessing to the MH4H ministry as they help with several large projects around campus. Thank you and great job to the team! The team members also shared an enjoyable evening with the community. Keep reading to follow the events of the day!


We’ve had a good first few days here in this beautiful countryside of Pignon. We started the day by joining the MH4H staff for their regular morning devotions. We attempted to sing along with a Creole song and joined in an amazing group prayer session. We all introduced ourselves and took the time to learn little about each of them as they did us. It was a truly welcoming and great experience that was capped with hugging and saying “Bonjou” (Have a good day) to everyone. The value placed on creating community and really listening to your neighbor is a great thing we hope to take back with us. We all reflected back on it at the end of the day as being a highlight of our experience so far.

Creole lessons soon after landing in Haiti

During the day were able to help with some projects on the MH4H campus. One group painted an apartment, furniture, and bathrooms, one helped to build some new prayer benches, and the third group assisted with making some new chairs and shelving for the school. We worked hard all day and were able to accomplish a good amount before dinner.

Last night we were able to enjoy a break from paint and building. During this time MH4H hosted a community movie night with the local kids. Over a 100 kids attended and enjoyed “Around the World in 80 Days” starring Jackie Chan, in French with English subtitles. The kids LOVE Jackie, laughter and joy filled the camp, especially when someone got hit in the face! I wouldn’t be surprised if it could be heard for miles. The kids hear a movie start and they come running! It is a great way to reach out and connect even with the language barrier. We were able to welcome the kids with crackers as they came in, and the kids were very gracious with us and our attempts to greet them in Creole. It was so fun to share this experience with them and at the same time learn about their culture and what is similar and different to ours.

We have had so many great moments so far it’s hard to share it all now, so we will close with this: Bon Nwit. Dòmi Byen. (Good night and sleep well.)


  1. tami

    Thanks for taking time to post pics and update us on how this trip is going!! We Love seeing all that they are up to!!

  2. Katheryn Shadden

    Thank you for sharing! It’s wonderful to see our loved ones making a difference over there! Prayers!

  3. CJ

    Thank you for this great update and for your service in Christ!


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