10 goats to give

Written by Harrison Holder of Christ Covenant Church of Knoxville, TN.

Hello everyone! Mom, don’t worry I am alive and well and I have consistently taken my malaria pills. Well, today we went to the town market and there was a lot to see and hear. Lots of people speaking in a language I can’t comprehend, and lots of smells I may not want to comprehend again. We purchased ten pregnant female goats to deliver to homes in the afternoon, and brought the goats back to the orphanage, ate lunch, and then headed off to deliver the goats. The people who received the goats were so in need of them, and were very grateful. It was a neat experience. These people have nothing compared to the amount of goods we are blessed with back home.

One of the things God has really moved me, is the children at the orphanage. These kids come from situations where they are unloved, malnourished, and have had their parents ripped from their hands. And these children stay at the orphanage almost 24/7. The looks on the faces of the kids are priceless when we play with them, and it has really touched me. We (with the power of Christ) are showing them they are loved.

Devenel (our translator) and our new friend

I will have much more to talk about when I come home! Mom and Dad, please tell Grant, Mimi, Poppy, U.M., Mamaw, and Papaw I miss them and am doing well! Love you guys so much! And thanks to my extended family at Christ Covenant for your prayers and support the whole team is healthy and doing well.

Written by Baylor Tolleson and Sally Burns of Christ Covenant Church of Knoxville

On Saturday, we went to the market AKA the Haitian Walmart. We split into three groups so we could get a more genuine market experience. The market was so packed it spilled out into the busy streets! Woodson, our local guide/translator/friend, led us through the typical market day of a Haitian. The raw meat covered in flies didn’t even phase him but was quite overwhelming to us. He then showed us the new market area currently being built with government funding and is a major upgrade.

First goats purchased at the market.

God used our market experience to teach us many important lessons. He taught us to be grateful for our sanitary and organized grocery stores. He showed us that we must be appreciative of every thing we have including, our fresh meat (that we don’t have to kill), having more than one outfit and air conditioned grocery stores. We praise The Lord for our true Haitian market experience that taught us many valuable life lessons.

Emily and Baby Love, who is very malnourished

Sally’s goat was stubborn!

Walking the goats.

One of the families receiving a goat.

Another family God blessed with a goat!

Great view of the game.

Devenel #24