Team member, Ali Cranmer, shares the Third Church Team’s experience of learning joy in Haiti. Whether in the market or while helping construct a home, joy is essential.

Bonswa! It is Ali! It has been an honor and blessing to be with this group this week. Today was no exception. We got to experience more of the Haitian culture. We worked hard, and have been able to laugh and learn as a group. God is good!

Together, we have been learning to serve people in all circumstances. Today was really hot so we started our morning with a hike before going to the LARGE outdoor market.

Team experiencing the market Building together brings joy

After lunch, we helped move sand and concrete block being used to build a house on the countryside.

Haitians and the team work together moving sand and concrete Fleet of wheelbarrows

During each part of our day, Haitian’s were helping us walk, keeping us safe, and were helping us move supplies. They never complained, they never stopped, and they always had JOY!!!

Teamwork We had helpers of all ages.

Last trip!

As we reflected tonight, we realized that our team had a hard time being joyful throughout the entire day. We had a hard time not complaining, and we gave up easily. We have a lot to learn from today, and the LORD taught us through the Haitian people. It was a blessing to be a student in a culture that is not normally considered “a teacher”.” We are eager to learn!

Prayer Requests:

-Our hearts, minds, and eyes would be open to what the LORD is saying.

-That our team can continue to have energy.

-Please pray  for protection over our team: specifically, protection from sickness and injury.


Thank you for praying! We miss you all! Ali Cranmer