Kelly from Third Church Team shares about the ways God is working in Haiti. The group has experienced God’s love through an outpouring of love and compassion throughout the day.

Third Team painting a house

Third Team with the the family and their newly painted house

Unlike the construction sounds right outside my window, today’s morning’s breeze was a wonderful wakeup call. I partially knew what was in store for me today, but I had no idea about the wonderful impact God would have on my life. We started the day off with pancakes  made by the amazing ladies who cook our meals. Then, our group donned paint clothes and headed out for a day of adventures. We painted a house that had been built for a family earlier in the year. Painting was so much fun, and we were able to see how thankful and happy they were for our presence.

Once the painting was finished, we came back and had lunch before changing into more formal outfits so that we could deliver food. Today, the pastor whose church we visited had chosen the families we visited.

Pastor Lumanes ministering to the people Praying together and growing spiritually

It was amazing to see how God is working in these people’s who literally have nothing. One of the houses we visited had a roof that was made of banana leaves and anything else they could find. It was heartbreaking to see how these people live, yet they are some of the most joyful people I have ever met. The last house we visited was a young family that was so happy and joyful, the mother was crying when we sang to them. It was both amazing and touching to see how God pours his love into the country.

Today our group had some pretty funny moments. We were leaving the last house when a kid came out and yelled, “give me a dollar” in Creole. Well, Cecily decided just to yell, “NO!” Then, she was asked why she yelled that, and her response was so funny. She said, “Well I was going to say ‘I don’t have any money’, but then I realized I don’t speak Creole.”

Then we went to two houses we had visited yesterday. By going to these two houses, I figured out what my purpose was for coming on this trip. At the last house, there was a young girl who was 14. She had been given to a family that had promised her a better life, but that family did not provide it for her. She managed to escape and return home to her family. Yesterday she came over and hugged me; she would not let go. Today when we went back to the house, she remembered me. Instantly, she came, hugged me, and would not let go again. She was absolutely adorable, and I have been so worried about her. Before meeting her, I had no idea that she would be one of the main reasons why I was supposed to come on this trip.

God is working in amazing ways here, and He is showing every single one of us on the team how His work is done all over the world, and not just at home. These people have a love for God that will never die and can never be torn down. These people are so generous and caring, and God is just loving this country so much. God is opening my eyes to things that I would never see in the United States.